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Sep 4, 2006 09:32 PM

What's Happened to My Calgary Favorites?

I've been out of the country since January other than a week here and there but when I read this board people aren't mentioning the places I expected to see. Have they gone downhill or is this just a matter of location? I live in the NW and don't get into Inglewood or what we call "the deep south" often.

I was pleased to see Pegasus because that would have been on my list of really good places.

But, what happened to Mescalero or Catch? We like River Cafe but it's a pain to park nearby so it just doesn't come up on our radar often. We had a good meal at Saltlik (Saltlick?) but can't call it a regular favorite. Had a bad meal at Teatro and haven't been back.

We've been to my favorite Asian places because there is NO good Asian food in Baltimore, Scotland of Italy which is where I've been when absent but what happened to the sort of upscale but not overly formal places I mentioned? I did see someone mention Joey Tomato and it's still pretty decent.

Oh, speaking of expensive and formal but it was good when we last went, is La Chaumiere still there?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Mescalero has been closed for more than a year- they're tearing down that block for Union Square condos, if the developer ever gets its act together.

      No offense, but unless you're physically challenged, how is it a pain to not be able to "park nearby" at River Cafe? The fact that you have to walk into the park is part of its unique charm.

      All the other restos you mention are still around- Catch seems to still be packing 'em in. There have just been so many openings in the last while that they get much of our attention.

      1. I was at the River Cafe last week, and it is definitely still very good. Lobster tail on pea risotto cake for app. It was my favorite part but it was all wonderful. The tomato soup was excellent, usually my baseline test for restaurants. I rather enjoyed being splashed by the hordes of screaming children on my way into the park. There is a detour though for those who aren't partial to being doused by "dirty diaper water", as my friend put it so delicately.

        1. Now you have me thinking. I kind of dashed that post off.

          I'm not physically challenged. My husband works not far from River Cafe and has parking so maybe it isn't the parking but the food just wasn't that great. It has been a while all right. I'm not certain why we haven't been more than twice when we've been to the park many times. Maybe we should make an effort while the good weather holds though my husband's experience was mediocre enough to make it a hard sell when there are so many other choices.

          1. Sharonanne- we had a tasting menu there that was perhaps the best meal of my life- it was a "fish and game tasting menu," which I know sounds like nothing but candied salmon and smoked venison, but it was INCREDIBLE, and it included NINE wine pairings- we were there for four hours, and I cannot imagine doing this at any other restaurant- we needed those comfy chairs! This was a gift to my partner and me and we have no idea what the price was, but eight courses (w/ an apertif for nine pairings) must have been a mint, but I would have paid any price.