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Sep 4, 2006 09:24 PM

Eating the backroads of the southwest

Sept 11 I start a drive from San Diego to New Orleans and will spend a few days wandering through southern Utah, northern Arizona and northern New Mexico. I've got a pretty good idea of where to hike and camp, but would love suggestions about where to score that tasty road food. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you're in Southern Utah ...

    St. George is a wasteland in my opinion. The only thing worth stopping for is Croshaw's Pies if you need something sweet. If you're taking a particularly scenic route, I'd suggest taking the time to cut through South Central Utah to a town called Boulder.

    Blink and you'll miss it. But there's Boulder Mountain Lodge and Hell's Backbone Grill. The town (or rather the area) itself is beautiful. The grill is unique—it's not greasy spoon food. But it's homey, comforting, and a welcome respite from typical road food. it's got a great back story that the servers will love to share with you. Chances are, one of the owners, Blake Spalding will be there. They serve food that's local and sustainable. Which is no easy feat in their neck of the woods. But barring the OJ and hte vanilla, they stay true to what htey're tyring to do.

    Their house breakfast is delicious, with bacon or sausage. For dinner, their goat cheese fondue is good. Any of the beef will taste like good beef, so meat loaf, steak, all good options. Chocolate chile pot de creme is a great dessert. A bottle of Cline Ancient Vines Mouvedre will settle you for the entire meal.

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      As long as you are in St. George, head up the road towards Enterprise and stop Veyo for pies at the gas station on the left high side of the road (there is a big sign that advertises "Veyo Pies". My personal favorite is the Mountain Berry, which is just terrific.

    2. There has recently been a lot of chatter about Joe's BBQ in Wikieup, about halfway between Phoenix and Kingman. I can't vouch for the food quality yet, but it is on my Try It list for the next time I head up to Vegas.

      1. Actually I really enjoyed the Rocking V Cafe in Kanab, Utah..I was there about a month ago.

        1. Thanks for the fine eats recs -- anything down home and yummy?

          1. The Rocking V is Kanab is well worth a visit or two. Food and service are excellent and the owner/host is a very hospitable and gregarious host. There's an interesting art gallery upstairs where you can wait for a table if they're full. This is a place where everyone gets a really good meal and has a very good time!