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Sep 4, 2006 09:01 PM

decent restaurant in the Lawrence/Allen area

I have a friend who just moved in to a house on Lawrence, west of Allen, by Marlee and would like to treat him to a decent meal, but don't know of any in the area. We don't need a gourmet feast, just a place with some flavour and a variety of food selection. Anything from decent pub food to a roadhouse or steak type place would be appreciated. It needs to be somewhere we can have a decent brew as well. I appreciate any input.

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  1. The pickings are pretty thin around there. Camarra's Pizza would be my choice. I think that they have one of Toronto's better pizzas. It is just south of Lawrence on Dufferin. Not sure what's on their beer list. Your friend should definitely use them for delivery.

    There's a burger joint on Marlee halfway between Lawrence and Eglinton called Fat Phil's that you should tell your friend about. It's a total dive, but the char grilled burgers are pretty good.

    1. try Yorkdale they have Pickle Barrel Grand,Milestone's Grill & Bar, Casey's Grill & Bar or On Duffren north of Lawarnce vagabondo 11

      1. I used to live there...It's a dining disaster!

        We used to go to Avenue Rd, north of Lawrence to a place called "Safari" (it's more like a bar upstairs, with pool table and pretty good food ) Or south, down to Eglinton between Bathurst and the Allen. Try "Sala Thai" a great Thai place down there...they do take out as well.

        There's a great breakfast spot in the Bathurst and Lawrence mall...I forget the's a Jewish bakery at the front and a restaurant in the back. Huge, cheap breakfasts!

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          United Bakers. Another spot that was leagues better decades ago on Spadina, but not bad at all. No meat products.

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            whats worth ordering at Safari? Any stand out dishes?

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              They actually have great personal size thin crust pizzas. They also have this AMAZING chili corn chowder soup...spicy enough to knock your socks off! Their patio is great too...if weather permits.

              It's a real mix of foods and atmospheres too...the patio, the restaurant downstairs, and the pool room/bar upstairs.

              Hope you enjoy it...I loved it so much I was a regular for a while!

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                mmm sounds awesome. I have been meaning to check this spot out for a long while, now I have a solid reason, thanks!