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Sep 4, 2006 08:41 PM

burgers, burgers everywhere burgers!

Of course you've all heard that Thomas Keller is opening a burger joint in Napa...What you may not have heard is that he is also scouting locations in our very own NYC...
Geoffrey Zakarian is teaming with restaurateur Jonathan Morr to open a burger joint on 12th and university (old Yujin space)..
Laurent Tourondel is opening a burger joint called BLT Burger at some point this year...location TBA
Even Tom Colicchio was looking to get into the burger wars with of course Craftburger....Due to a less than stellar response to Craftsteak...He has decided to postpone further expansion and focus on his existing empire...
All of this begs the question: What is missing in the New York burger world?
I believe we are well covered in the lower end burger market with such luminaries as Shake Shack (despite the filth), Corner Bistro and The Burger Joint...Likewise the high end burgers are pretty well represented by Peter Luger, Blue Smoke and The Spotted Pig...But whats missing for me, is a casual place with a high end burger and bar...that doesn't cost an outrageous amount or demand too much of your time...Anyone else?

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  1. "a casual place with a high end burger and bar" - sounds like you just described JG Melon, or McSorley's.

    1. Melon's! Great burgers & fries...excellent & consistent...

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      1. re: fauchon

        I love Melon's but the wait is usually long unless you go very early.

        1. re: fauchon

          Am I the only one who thinks Melon is way too expensive? You get a tiny burger, ala Carte sides and a small beer for about $20...and then leave hungry. It’s a good burger, but I always feel I’m paying way too much for what I’m getting.

          I prefer to head in the other direction to Rathbone’s. The burger is always cooked perfectly, comes with a generous helping of crispy fries and to boot, it’s only $10 with a beer on Mondays. One of my Top 3 favorite burgers in the city.

          Of course, my favorite is still Molly’s...which has taken over the number 1 spot since McHale’s closed.


          1. re: fauchon

            Agree; Melon's is awesome. Skip the sides, skip the overpriced beer. Just get the burger.

          2. What's missing is In N' Out.

            1. One of the best burgers around can be found at Moda in the Flatotel.

              1. PJ Clarke's. Good burger in a great old saloon. Go during off hours- since the restoration they are really busy during peak times.