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Top Chef 2

Just saw the commercial for the 2nd season of Top Chef. It begins in October. Anyone looking forward to it besides me??

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    1. I love that show, almost as much as I love Project Runway. I wonder if they can top the cast of characters from last season (Steven was so insufferable! Tiffani and Dave were hilarious.) I just hope they ditch the brain dead Katie Joel.

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        They did. Now it's Mental Lightweight #2 Padma Lakshmi.

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          Padma Lakshmi Rushdie, thank you very much. It seems NBC/Bravo is really plumbing the celebrity trophy wife talent pool. Although I do remember Padma doing some travel show on the foods of India and Spain. If I remember correctly, the shows were pretty interesting and she wasn't a total ditz like Mrs. Joel, she at least had a personality.

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            I really think you're going to like Padma, and I think she's a pretty smart lady. She hosted an awesome episode of "My Country, My Kitchen." I'm really looking forward to her on Top Chef.

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              I concur. I've always enjoyed what I've seen of her on TV - she definitely seems to be more personable than the robot that was Katie Joel. Not to mention she's about a million times more attractive.

      2. Yes, can't wait. I actually prefer it to Project Runway.
        So glad that Katie is no longer the "host"!!!

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          I was actually hoping for a twofer: Katie Joel AND Gail Simmons. They need people with a bit more gravitas....

        2. Jeez..could they make Marissa Churchill look anymore like a hooker? I hate when they do that.

          I'm glad Katie is gone as well..she was like a Stepford Wife.

          1. The people who rose to the top on Top Chef appeared to be far and away better cooks than those appearing on Hells Kitchen.

            1. TC is a real cooking show with real chefs and it seems that they are representing many different faces of the industry! I like the mix! so who is the top 3? early bets anyone?

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                I'm not going to make any predictions, but have you read the bios? There's a guy named Marcel who seems to be a carbon-copy of Stephen from last year...there also seems to be an Andrea-alike, a Tiffani-alike, and maybe even a Lee Ann-alike, along with a jokester like Miguel.

                Based on their bios, seems like there could be much stronger personalities this year - meaning more conflict?

              2. i think i know who you are refering to as the tiffani-alike the football player? she seems cool and tiffani was a...well

                1. I have to say as much as I got a kick out of HK. (And if you’ve ever tried his food you know Ramsey is an extremely talented chef.) Top Chef is far and away a better show. These are people, most not all, you can picture in a kitchen.

                  1. I am just hoping that Bravo/producers of TC don't make the same mistake they did with Project Runway in choosing personality over talent in the elimination rounds.

                    1. has anyone seen anything else about the new season? I can't wait!

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                        Just the ads they're running during Project Runway's episodes. Nothing new on the website either.

                      2. So, the first episode is right after the project runway finale (which I love). I could not stand Katie Joel...what the heck did she know about food? She was a total bore. Maybe Rushdie's wife will do better...

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                          Well, she has her second cookbook coming out. No idea if they're any good, but in theory, she knows something more about food. And I'm pretty sure Padma Lakshi's got a personality as well as a name that's her own.

                        2. I just saw another commercial the other day with some of the contestants saying something about themselves..

                          I was all set to root for Marissa Churchill who was the pastry chef at Ame in SF. You know..root for the local gal. But what she said & the way they are portraying her as the little vixen in the short skirts really makes me want her to lose.

                          "I always get what I want with a little smile"..and then show her doing a little vampy walk in her short short skirt. God.. please!!

                          This is one of the only "reality" shows I can tolerate..but if she wants to be taken seriously after the show is over then do not portray yourself as a bitchy kitchen whore.