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Sep 4, 2006 08:21 PM

Winery Dining outside of Portland

One of the travel or epicurean magazines a year or two ago suggested a great restaurant either at a winery or somehow associated to one. It is one of the Willamette Valley wineries, close in to Portland. Cut out the article and left it at home in Michigan, so looking for anyone who might a better clue than I do. Anyone?

Also would be looking for other recommendations. I hear ClarkLewis and Gotham is good. Are they?

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  1. I would guess that the article referred to the Dundee Bistro which is owned by the Ponzi winery. It is not, however, at the winery, but right on Hwy 99 in Dundee, just so you don't expect some kind of bucolic setting. It's nice but if you want a really good dinner experience in the Willamette valley I'd go to the Painted Lady in Newberg. It's really a step above the dundee bistro.
    Gotham has reopened but is no longer run by the original owners. I haven't been to clarklewis in awhile but I hear that it's still good. I would also recommend Tabla on NE 28th Ave.

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      Not sure that any of the Willamette Valley wineries could be called "close in to Portland". Concur re The Painted Lady; it's more like a flight of steps above Dundee Bistro.