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Sep 4, 2006 07:36 PM

Thai Spice - Polk St near Nob Hill

I ate a late dinner with 3 friends last night at Thai Spice....meal was pretty good, service very good and prices very reasonable. We shared the curry puff appetizer which was pretty disappointing....sort of like a cross between a bad chilean empanada (thick and clearly baked hours earlier dough) and a bad samosa (dull curry/potato filling). Peanut sauce served on the side was good though.

One friend and I shared a bowl of the coconut chicken soup and red curry with beef. The soup was really nice, very coconutty, good amount of spice, generous amount of chicken and mushrooms. Red curry was also quite good, we asked for it very spicy and they delivered pretty well.

A friend's noodle dish was fine but not too exciting, pumpkin curry also was tasty but not amazing.

A good neighborhood place....what else is great to eat in this neighborhood?

Dave MP

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  1. At Thai Spice the green curry and pad thai is very good too.

    A few other good stops in that neighborhood-

    South of TS about 2 blocks on Polk between Pine and California are many great stops. My two favorites; Darbar Indian/Pakistani, they have no liquor license which is a blessing in disguise to keep the evening incredibly cheap yet tasty. Mycanos, Greek, is amazing cheap casual plastic tablecloth kind of a place but so so good. There is usually just one waiter so she gets pretty busy but on over half a dozen occasions she has insisted to pour me a taste of wine the minute after I ask a question about one.

    Another block south is SNOB wine bar - Sonoma, Napa, or Beyond. Nice people, standard issue wine bar. They have a deal with the Cha-yo the thai place next door where you can order through SNOB what you want from next door (they have menus ready). I thought they would bring everything in to-go boxes but it all came piping hot on regular plates with silverware. Even waited until the end of the meal to come back with the check. Though the thai there isnt amazing, you can't beat a set up like this.