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Sep 4, 2006 07:32 PM

Vesuvio Restaurant--Italian and Veg Friendly...rock out!

Has anyone been to Vesuvio Restaurant? I was killing some time reading menus online (one of my favorite past-times) and stumbled upon this Italian Restaurant on Fitzwater street that seems to cater to vegetarians. While this seems like a novel concept I am weary about the overall quality of the food at places like this, as I'd rather have a restaurant with few veggie options but amazing food than one with lots of veggie options and only so-so food. Has anyone been? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Messy and Picky have been to Vesuvio. Here's their review:

    Hope that helps.

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      Thanks! Judging by that review this seems like a place I'll definitely have to try.

    2. It's not too good in my experience, but I was only there once. If you want great vegetarian food, head over to Horizons, on 7th between South and Bainbridge.

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        Hi Buckethead,
        Any particular reason why you disliked it? Upon reading the menu I was attracted to it because it was a non-vegetarian place that sounded like it was veg friendly...something that I personally tend to enjoy more than places which are strictly vegetarian/vegan (with Chinese being the exception). And, I love Italian food, so this place seemed like the best of both worlds in that it not only had what appeared to be a wide-ranging menu of typical italian restaurant fare, but also included this vegetarian section which is clearly atypical. Thanks!

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          I didn't dislike it, it's just that there are a million Italian restaurants in the city, and Vesuvio just wasn't good enough to warrant a return trip when there are so many really excellent places. The reason I mentioned Horizons is that vegetarian options seemed to be a requirement of yours, and any vegetarian who hasn't been to Horizons is really missing out. It's a strictly vegan place that also happens to be one of the better restaurants in the city. It's definitely NOT Italian, though.

          Villa Di Roma is very close to Vesuvio and is something of a landmark, in addition to being a good and cheap Italian place, but I don't think they're used to accommodating vegetarians. La Viola is one of the best Italian places I've been to in the city, it's on 16th St. just north of Spruce St. Gnocchi is also pretty good, on 5th just south of South St. Neither place has a specifically vegetarian menu.

          There are several really good places about 3/4 mile southwest of there, all along Passyunk Ave. between Dickinson and Morris: Tre Scalini, considered by some to be the best in the city, Paradiso, which is pretty new but probably more veg-friendly, and Mr Martino's Trattoria, which is only open Fri-Sat-Sun but is probably my favorite of those three.

      2. After looking at the website, I have to admit I have a real problem with a place that lists chicken on their vegetarian menu. Anyway, many of the local Italian restaurants have plenty of vegetarian options (Costa Diva, Porcini, Melograno, Robertos). If I remember correctly, L'Angolo had a huge vegetarian antipasto appetizer with a million things in it that was amazing. Thank you.

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          If I'm not mistaken, it's "Chicken", as in, faux chicken, not the real deal. Chicken is also listed on Kingdom of Vegetarian's menu :)

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            Ah, that explains it. I didn't see any explanation that is was faux Chicken on the web site. Thanks.

        2. It's definitely faux chicken. Vesuvio is good because it has seperate menus for vegetarians and vegans and completely different ones for meat lovers, so you can get whatever you want.

          1. I was just there a week or so ago with a large group of people. The food was quite good, with a really large vegetarian menu. The vegetarian escarole soup was great, nice and spicy. The eggplant parm was good too, as were the cannollis for dessert. Everyone enjoyed their food (especially the varied entrees), the service was great, and they even managed to get 15 entrees out at the same time. I would definitely recommend it for a group with some vegetarians. Thank you.