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Tri-Cities Update, Anyone?

The Tri-Cities data is pretty old, and not too encouraging. We're going wine tasting in Benton City, Richland and Kennewick, and so far it sounds like Anthony's is the best bet for lunch/dinner. The one in Bend doesn't compare to Seattle, and Richland's is likely the same. Help?

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  1. Your best bet in the Tri-Cities area is Mexican food. Very authentic, fresh, local ingredients. My favorite find the last time I was there was the taqueria that is in what used to be the Tastee Freeze in Pasco, just off of Court Street. I think it's across the street from the high school.

    The farmers market in Pasco is fun, too.... Wednesdays and Saturdays 8:00am to noon.

    If you're wanting a nicer dinner, the Anthony's in Richland is the best I can think of.... The food is pretty standard, but their wine selection is good, considering their location in Washington's wine country. No, it won't be the same as the one in Seattle..... :)

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      The Mexican place you are thinking of is called LaFama. Great tortas. They also have a taco truck near 4th and Court in Pasco. Pasco has most of the taco truck foor here and it is almost all good. There are a few Mexican food places serving authentic breakfast that is very good. Anthonys is the most overrated place in town. Bonefish Grill is good for fish. For great Mexican food at at great price go to Keiko's in Kennewick , muy bueno. Thai Spice on Clearwater in Kennewick is a great Thia place.

    2. Ice Harbor Brewing Company is a fine brewpub. Beers are excellent; pub grub is fine for pub grub.

      I'd love to hear more Mexican recs as I'll be travelling to the Tri-Cities on business regularly. Ate at one restaurant in Kennewick -- Food was good but unmemorable. Probably why I can't remember the name either...


      1. I think you definitely have to skip the restaurants and hit the taquerias and the taco trucks to get the good stuff. The area (and Pasco in particular) has a huge Mexican population, so brush up on your food Spanish and go where the locals go to get the best food.

        On the other hand.... last time I was there, I kept driving by the Red Lion Hotel in Pasco, which has a new wine bar and restaurant called Bin 20 http://www.bin20.com/. I never had a chance to go in, but I was just looking at their menu and it seems like it would be worth a shot.

        1. Emerald of Siam is a very reliable thai place that's been around forever. We rececently had some of the best, and spiciest, larb we've ever had. Kind of a hole in the wall in an older strip mall setting, but very good food. Nice people too. SusanC

          1. Sorry, forgot to mention that Emerald of Saim is in Richland. SusanC

            1. Thanks to all; we're not leaving for a week, so any more input will be appreciated.

              1. Hi, I would recommend "Cedars Restaurant", really nice food, wonderful river views, lovely dining room, separate bar area for drinks and bar meals. Week-ends can get busy but you can book ahead. Outside dining also available.

                1. Well, the wineries had so many good accompaniments (Catch the Crush weekend) that we had little time or room for actual meals. We ended up at Anthony's, next to the hotel, and it was a good decision.

                  Anthony's cringes at the thought of being a chain, although of course they are - but I can say that the Richland operation is comparable to those in Seattle rather than Bend. Seattle, when last we were there a couple of years ago, was up there with the better stand-alones, and significantly underrated.

                  Bend has a ways to go, which I have told them on-site, to little benefit.

                  In the Tri Cities, you can go out of your way to visit the Anthony's and not be disappointed. The ahi appetizer was as good as we have ever had, and we have had multiple dozens. Sushi grade tuna (as good as any sashimi we've had excluding bluefin) rolled in panko, deep fried for a few seconds, sliced, and served over napa cabbage and a very light peanut sauce. We fought over it. The service and the rest of the meal were also excellent, but the ahi overwhelmes......

                  1. While looking up Cousins in The Dalles for another thread, I noticed that they now have a Pasco restaurant.

                    1. As last time. Don't forget " The Spudnut Shoppe " at the southern end of Uptown Richland. Memorable potato based doughnuts. Richlanders love it.
                      Jim (63)