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Sep 4, 2006 05:44 PM

Good lunch near Coyoacan

my wife and I always stop by the art park area on Saturdays in Mexico City, I believe in or near Coyoacan. Going with friends this time and looking for an excellent recommendation for lunch and we will be very casual. Tempted to trek it back to "El Caminero" in Zona Rosa for tacos but hoping some great little gem in the area instead that will knock our socks off!

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  1. How about a old time little gem that has the potential to knock your socks off?

    It's a short cab ride, or a slightly long walk from the Bazaar Sabado to the San Angel Inn. Margaritas are fabulous served in their individual minature silver pitcher, each set in their own individual ice bucket. Ceasar salad made table side is as good a rendition as you're liable to find. This is a throw back to the old days of "continental" dining. Where traditional recipes, done the traditional way and served with great dignity by a well oiled cadre of waiters who define the term "professional" is not a thing of the past. The food is good, but doesn't break any new ground in terms of creativity.

    How casual will you be dressed? You don't really need to be dressed to the nines. Cut-offs and flip-flops are probably too casual, but good jeans (i.e. no holes, or patches, possibly ironed) or khakis with a polo shirt, or guayabana shirt, with topsiders would certainly pass at comida.

    It's little on the upscale side, but not excessively so, and it's a chance to see extended Mexican families spending the day together.

    1. There's an excellent option for Saturday comida, right in Coyoacán. Try this:

      Restaurante El Tajín
      Miguel Angel de Quevedo #687
      Coyoacán México DF 04320
      Tel: 5659-4447 and 5658-5759

      The owner/chef is Alicia Gironella d'Angeli, one of the foremost chefs in Mexico. Her husband is one of the founders of Slow Food Mexico and the couple has written innumerable exquisite cookbooks. They were also instrumental in the drive to have the corn-based cuisines of Mexico made a UNESCO Patrimonio de la Humanidad.

      The food at El Tajín is out of this world. I well remember La Gironella's rolled breast of chicken with hoja santa and mole--incredible.

      The restaurant is as upscale as the San Angel Inn mentioned by The Dining Diva. El Tajín is a food-lover's destination. Prepare to be wowed by what you eat.

      1. They won't let men into the bar or inside area of the San Angel Inn in sandals, they don't really like them outside, so be warned

        1. The art plaza you are talking about is in San Angel, I assume. There are some restaurants close by, but nothing amazing. I think Saks - right next door to the red Bazar Sábado building - is a good lunch option with lots of healthy options. There's a wait as it gets between 1 and 2pm.

          San Angel Inn is nice - fabulous atmosphere - and the margaritas are the best. Def. a little on the expensive size. The main dining room is blazers and ties only, but they have a smaller section for less dressed up folks. Everyone I see in there have khakis and buttonup-type clothing.

          You can sit outside and drink and order a few small apps in whatever clothes.

          1. San Angel Inn doesn't have a dress code at all, in my experience. I don't generally dress up to go out to eat, and I've been there in jeans, a t-shirt, and decent-looking sneakers many times, I've never had any problem or any weird looks, both in the main dining room and in the smaller rooms on the wings.