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Sep 4, 2006 05:35 PM

European Bake House

Does anyone have any information about the European Bake House, of Wanaque NJ? Its products have recently shown up at Shoprite in Brooklyn, and they look interesting, but the hechsher is illegible, and doesn't resemble any of the ones listed at the Kashrus Magazine web site. The bakery has a phone number, but appears not to have anyone whose job it is to answer it. So does anyone here know a) whose hechsher it is; and b) if so, whether the products are any good?

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  1. I only found their address and telephone number, but no other info.

    European Bake House
    620 Ringwood Ave
    Wanaque, NJ
    (973) 831-7343

    1. Can't find them listed on the major kashrut agency sites. You can check out the crc site and see if the symbol looks anything like the ones they approve. Some of the symbols on their lists are unique and it may help.

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      1. re: PapaT

        Kashurs magazine has the most complete list, and this one isn't there. And has them sorted by shape, which is useful in a case like this, but no luck there either.

        The address and phone number are listed on the product labels. But the phone number is not useful if they won't answer the #$%^&* phone!

      2. Today, Thursday 7 September, I telephoned and spoke to someone at European Bake House and `learned that the hechsher which is printed upon their product wrappers is that of Rabbi Rafael Saffra, Lawrence NJ, U.S.A. I am the owner/compiler of and I have on my site a hechsher which is linked to Rabbi Saffra:, i.e. an outline figure of the Tablets of the Law (luchot) containing at its centre a Latin letter capital K. Is this the same as the hechsher which zsero mentioned?
        Kind regards,
        Roger Harris.

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        1. re: Roger Harris

          Not quite. That symbol is at the centre of a much larger symbol. The entire thing looks like a circle with a double rim (i.e. two concentric circles of very similar radius); inside the circle, the top third is occupied by illegible Hebrew words written horizontally (i.e. not along the curve of the circle); under that is the luchot shape with what may very well be a K inside; then, on the inside bottom rim of the circle, there is more illegible Hebrew writing.

          Incidentally, how long did you have to wait, and how many attempts did you have to make, before they answered the phone? I've been trying several times a day for over a week, and letting the phone ring each time until it cuts off.

          Assuming that it is the tablet-K, I probably won't try the product (well, the one I bought is surely stale by now), so I won't be able to report on how it tastes. Sorry.

        2. Thanks, zsero, for your description of what may be a new Tablet K hechsher. If you still have the wrapper then I should be grateful for either the complete wrapper or a JPEG scan of the hechsher. I can refund your postal expenses via PayPal. Please advise me in advance (

          You wrote: how long did you have to wait,
          I called at 15h10 GMT, i.e. 10h10 in New Jersey, and the call was answered within about six rings.

          Kind regards,
          Roger Harris.