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Sep 4, 2006 05:22 PM


Has anyone been to Brasa's happy hour? I thought about trying to bring a group of friends to eat paella and other nibbles.

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  1. I used to work next door, and would splurge on steak frites when I was feeling flush (which isn't very often, and it isn't even very expensive). The drinks are great and the service is usually pretty good, just watch your back outside running the tweaker gauntlet.

    1. Was up there a couple weeks ago. I had the lamb burger, which was as good as could be. The frites with it were just OK, not really resembling the real thing. Wife had the mussels which were among the best I've had. The tempura vegetables, however, were an oily mess and close to inedible. Wine list was OK, very Spain/southern France-centric as you'd expect, but far too expensive (a glass of wine costing roughly what a bottle does in the store) for what it was. I'm not disappointed we went, but I'm in no rush to return.

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        Dawe, is there any other place you would recommend for cruising around during happy hour for good eats?

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          Wish I had a better command of Seattle happy hours, but alas I'm in Oregon and don't get up there nearly enough.

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            If I remember correctly, doesn't Lola have a short cheaper menu during cocktail hour?
            I had a great little lamb meatball sandwich there one night early in the evening sitting at the bar.

        2. Fuzzyboy, If you rent a copy of "Night of the Living Dead" you can see some of their waitstaff in action.

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            uh oh. leper, does that mean the waitstaff moves very slowly and lurches around the place?

          2. Fuzzyboy, They are invariably dressed in the tradition of Bell-Town-Black, with a certain "vacancy" to their demeanor that is disconcerting to those of us with an actual pulse. I seriously wonder where they go when the sun rises above the shadow of Mt. Rainier....

            1. We ate dinner there last month and have to agree that the service was weak. Our server made a couple of mistakes and wasn't knowledgable on the wine list. The food was good, but not as good as it should have been at those prices.