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Sep 4, 2006 05:14 PM

Traditional Margaritas for a non-Margarita crowd . . . Advice? Suggestions?

I'm not sure if this should be on this board, or the spirts board, so forgive me, moderators.

Yesterday I made semi-traditional margaritas for a cookout. Most of the people there don't drink them, and those that do, drink margarita mix.

I squeezed 2 cups worth of lime juice, added 1 cup tequila (the gold-colored anjeo commemorativo kind), half a cup of triple sec, a few teaspoons of sugar to counteract the sourness of the lime juice, a bit of pureed ripe honeydew melon to add a fruity note. I churned it in my ice cream maker to freeze it down to a slush. Texture was great. I scooped it into salt-rimmed margarita glasses. The ice-cold melt-off was for sipping while the rest of it stayed semi-frozen.

I used less tequila and triple sec than what my "Boston Official Bartenders Guide" would recommend (They say 1.5 times tequila to the amount of lime juice). Still, I got comments like "How much tequila did you put into this stuff?" "Wow! This is strong!"

Personally, I thought they were delicious. They were very tart and tequila-y. My husband says not to worry, that I should make them according to my taste. But if I'm willing to share, should I have shaped the flavor profile more by adding more sugar? Are traditional margaritas becoming a thing of the past as people rely on radioactive green mix or sip super-fruity concoctions from places like Chi Chi's?

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  1. Your take on margaritas sounds delicious, but I'm going to agree with your husband that you should make some to your taste and see if you can convert your friends.

    Most people who've never had a) good tequila and/or b) a margarita made with fresh limes are shocked by how good a traditional margarita can be. I've yet to serve one and get negative responses. I just use fresh lime juice, agave nectar (or simple syrup), and tequila blanco for mine.

    1. I actually like it when you can taste the tequila--otherwise it can be too sweet, especially when people use those bottled mixers. Ugh, those are gross. Maybe they were expecting those slurpee machine margaritas?

      If you want to play around and try using a high quality triple sec like Cointreau (50% tequila, equal parts cointreau & fresh lime juice), or you try mixing in Grand Marnier, a splash of OJ or try agave nectar/syrup (but not all at at the same time).

      1. For the non-margaritistas, here's another cocktail to try: a paloma: mix decent (i.e., blue agave) silver tequila with Squirt (yep, the soda) and serve on the rocks in a tall glass, with or without salt and fresh lime wedges. Easy to tailor to taste.

        1. CONVERT THE UNENLIGHTENED!!!! seriously though, i make my margaritas with 2oz tequilla, 1 oz triple sec(usually contreau), and 1 oz lime.the idea of putting in more of the other ingredients than the tequilla is just sickning. that said, yours sound very good, especially when you're at a summer cookout sorta thing, where you're cooling off and such. but i really can't stand either bottled mixers, or chain concoctions. gak.