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Sep 4, 2006 04:42 PM

Where do the starving artists eat in Manhattan?

I'm a newly-minted college grad that starts working in the city tomorrow. I grew up in Westchester and have restaurant-loving parents who constantly took us into the city for eats. I've been to a lot of the "big" places (Union Sq Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, Gotham B and B, Cafe Gray, the McNally empire etc.) so I like good food served in nice environments. Problem is, my parents cut me off and my meager salary won't allow me to eat out as well as I've become accustomed to.

Any suggestions for young/fun/tasty and, above all, affordable places to sit down and eat? I'll need a break from pizza/hot dogs/chinese every once in a while...

Also, cheap drinks are a definite plus (college partying is still very fresh in my mind)

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  1. Tons. How about a locale & taste preferences?

    1. Working on the UWS (around Lincoln Center).

      Living in the burbs for now (unforch) but hope to move into an apt soon. It will probably be Midtown/Murray Hill neighborhood or the LES.

      I'll eat pretty much anything that's thrown at me, so am very open to different cuisines. More into places with unique, fun atmospheres...

      1. The Lincoln Center area is a tough call. I don't know the area well, but the times I've looked for interesting stuff there it was pricey. Cheaper places were just not attractive. Murray Hill's a bit easier because you're near Little India. Other suggestions will probably flow, but let's start out with Kalyustan's upstairs service. Kalyustan market is one of the most famous places for Indian and other provisions on that strip (I think it's between 29th and 30th on Lex, east side of the street). Upstairs they have wonderful fast food. It's cheap and easy and very fulfilling. Their mujadara, for example, is among the best I've had. (This is not Indian food, although there may be some Indian dishes
        mixed in. The owners are Lebanese, I think.)Anyway, please do try it - you won't be disappointed.

        For Indian food that is both FAST and really GOOD, you don't have to go too far.

        5 West 31st Street
        (212) 967-2727

        And there's another location:

        138 West 46th Street
        (212) 398-4600

        These places are great, and I've had my opinion supported by more than one Indian colleague who's told me that the food here has
        exactly the sort of taste and feel they associate with home.

        There's a lot of REALLY good, REALLY cheap places in Chinatown I can recommend, though you said you wanted to get away from Chinese. The places I'm talking about require a bit more intimate knowledge of Chinese to take advantage of anyway, as the best fare is not necessarily obvious or in English.

        There are two shops called simply "The Hummus Place" that I'd recommend very highly. Somehow these folks have come up with a recipe that takes an old standard and makes it almost addictive. They have a "dinner" for, iirc, $8.75 that includes any hummus, soup or salad, pickles and a drink. It's very fulfilling and well-done. The east side shop is at 109 St. Marks, west side at 99 MacDougal. I believe they have one on Amsterdam avenue as well, so that may be more convenient to work. Check Citysearch.

        That's what comes to mind at the moment.

        BTW, none of these places have any atmosphere to speak of. For that, someone else will have to advise.

        Good luck, DGI

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          Also be sure to check this thread:

          The Hummus Place is great. The new UWS location is 305 Amsterdam Ave. between 74th and 75th Sts. And that's probably far cheaper than most of your other UWS options. (I hope my bosses' real estate deal to move our office to that area has fallen through. I don't want to go to the Upper Snooty Side! Yuck! Chow wasteland!


          I haven't been to the UWS location of Hummus Place, but based on the MacDougal St. location and especially the St. Mark's Pl. location, I'd say that the Hummus Place has some of the nicest atmosphere of any super-cheap restaurant in Manhattan. Nothing fancy, but pleasant, comfortable, relaxing, and simple. (Oh, and usually there are some *very* cute Israeli girls working there, if that matters to you.) :)

          Personally I think the combo special at $8.75 or $7.95 or whatever is not the best deal there, but then I don't love cucumbers, so Israeli salad doesn't do anything for me. (And if you REALLY want to save money, then no matter WHERE you go, skip the drinks and just go with water. Although the fresh lemonade at the Hummus Place is awfully tempting, admittedly.)

          I also second Kalustyan's upstairs cafe.

          And cswim06, I don't think you should count out all Chinese food unless you've had a lot of experience eating actual authentic stuff in Chinatown, as opposed to lame Americanized Chinese takeout. Search these boards for great tips on incredibly cheap places in Chinatown that'll blow you away. One great place is New Bai Wei. Three dishes over rice for $3. And the quality of the five-for-a-dollar dumplings at the new place, Prosperity Dumpling at 46 Eldridge St. btwn. Canal and Hester, is really great, and the people there are really friendly too. (Thanks to NYC Nosh for reporting on this.) I like their dumplings better than the ones at the very popular Dumpling House, further up Eldridge (NOTE: your mileage may vary). However, the place is severely lacking in atmosphere even compared to other dumpling joints.

          1. re: Ike

            Glad to see our love of Prosperity Dumpling is spreading. SUCH sweet people and fantastic food.



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              Just an FYI: last time I was at the St.Marks outpost of Hummus Pl. they told me they only do the combo special now until 4pm I believe. Won't stop me from going for dinner though!

          2. Around University place, you have a lot of restaurants and not too expensive because of the university students near by. You can go to El Cantinero on the second floor where at happy hour they have cheap drinks, the frozen margarita at 4$ is the best, and a buffet which is free. The downstairs restaurant is equally nice and not too expensive.

            The cedar tavern just besides El Cantinero is good, has a good atmosphere and is not too expensive.

            If you want more upscale, without paying too much, you can go to Otto. They have quartinos of wine and small plates which cost not too much.

            1. tacos- tehuitzintga ....47th &10th
              burgers & beer- corner bistro....west 4th & 8th ave.?
              thai- Sripraphai...6413 39th qns
              fantastic sit down french- 360...360 van hook brooklyn
              soup dumplings- joe's on mott...believe the hype
              gourmet (hate that word)malaysian...fatty crab...8th ave & horatio
              vietnamese- pho viet huong...mulberry off canal
              comfort- mama's...200 e 3rd
              panini- ino...21 bedford
              great cheap italian- supper....156 e 2nd

              good luck