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Sep 4, 2006 03:58 PM

Any authentic MEXICAN eats around VENICE?

Moving to Venice soon and wanted to know if there is any decent Mexican food to be found there.

Does not have to be anything fancy -- Anything from a great taco stand to a family-run place is fine.

Thanks, Hounds! Happy Labor Day...

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  1. La Cabana: Lincoln & Rose.

    1. I've eaten at La Cabana at least 50 time over the last 20 years. I also spent a month eating my way through Jalisco and Michoacan. While not as egregious as some, L.C. is not particularly authentic. Granted they don't use orange cheese and bell peppers but I've tried most of what's on the menu that isn't burritos or combination plates and the taste's just arent there.

      Mi Ranchito on Washington near Centinella has some good moles and seafood dishes. The carne asada is usually good and their chilaquiles are some of my favorites. For pure authentic tastes, I think it's hard to go wrong with Taqueria Sanchez at Centenella and Culver. Be warned they close early and don't take credit cards.

      1. I think Casablanca is pretty authentic, but I'm no expert.

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          I don't know about how authentic they are but I was disappointed with their food. They have very tasty, handmade tortillas but that's about it. Carne asada was decent but all the Veracruz seafood dishes were terrible. Frozen fish and shrimps in bad tomato sauce.

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            No they are not... I would like to consider myself an expert.

          2. la cabaƱa is good..... although not great.... they are open until 3am which is nice.... i like antonio's taco truck that is parked on the south side of rose ave. just east of main st.... he has the best ceviche and very good tacos.... the campos tacos on venice and mclaughlin serve the most incredible carnitas..... there is a gringo style joint on abbott kenney and california that makes decent tortas... the mole at guligatza is very good but a regional specialty.... let me know what you find.... and god luck....

            1. fiesta brava on rose (at 5th st on the north side of the street, little shopping center) is great for tacos and the carnitas plate is devine. great neighborhood spot, byo (liquor store next door, get some mexi beer to wash down the hot salsa) and family owned/operated...