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Sep 4, 2006 02:30 PM

Ridiculously good choc cake at Central Kitchen

Was there last night and can't believe how crazy-good their truffle-stuffed chocolate cake was! Chocolate cake is never my sugar injection of choice. No matter how hard it is to avoid now, with the ubiquity of the unimaginative molten chocolate cake fad (along with its fraternal twin, the creme brulee trend), I automatically rule it out at restaurants. But the CK waitress' mention of truffles won me over. How do you fill a chocolate cake with truffles, I wondered? Is it a layered cake with some kind of ultra creamy icing? Nope. It's a warm individual fudgy dark chocolate cake with a large, oozing truffle in the middle and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. So decadently chocolatey-buttery-creamy, it made us giddy. (Next time we'll ask them to hold the intrusive drizzle of rasberry coulis, though.) There are very few restaurants that I'd go back to just to order the dessert. When Toro first opened and we discovered the lemon foam-gelee dessert, that became one of them. This is the first dessert since. At $6, you can't lose.

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