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Sep 4, 2006 01:53 PM

Not Oreo, Not Hydrox... Name this sandwich cookie!

The name this candy bar topic reminded me of my quest to find out what these cookies were called and if they still exist.

When I was a kid growing up (in the 80's, this isn't that long ago people!) I had chocolate sandwich cookies that had difference faces on every cookie. Some of them were mad, surprised, happy, etc.

Anyone?? I'm beginning to think I'm crazy.

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  1. From the internet (and yes I remember these too!!):

    "Giggles Cookies
    These came in either chocolate or vanilla and had a creamy center. What was unique about them was that the cookie was shaped liked a giggling face which was supposed to make you laugh! They even came with stickers."

    Edited to add: I found a commercial if you have broadband.

    1. Giggles! These and Teddy Grahams really did it for me around that time.

      1. Anyone else prefer Hydrox to Oreos? I think the cookie part is more chocolatey.

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        1. re: Bostonbob3

          Of all the things I miss from my childhood, Hydrox is at the top of the list. Unlike Oreos, there were not overly sweet and, thus, were much more satisfying. When they changed the recipe and the name to Droxies it was all downhill from there.

          Are they still available anywhere?

          1. re: brentk

            Unfortunately, no. When Keebler bought out Sunshine, they sweetened-up Hydrox and renamed them Droxies.

            Supposedly, Carvel somehow has the original Hydrox recipe and uses their version on their ice cream cakes. Don't know if this is true though.

            1. re: Bostonbob3

              Carvel buys their cookies from the mfg. and the box they come in is labeled Droxies. I'm pretty sure it's the same food service product that gets sold to any other buyer. I'm guessing that the use of Hydrox dates back to before Oreo's were kosher. Carvel was the first chain to be entirely kosher so back then Hydrox would have been the only choice for sandwich cookie pieces.

            2. re: brentk

              It is why I like Skippy Super Chunky PB over other PB sugar, HFCS, is not as high. I did not realize that Hydrox were not being made. Oh! what a shame. I do not eat cookies much any more due to weight concerns but even thought I do not now eat them I am still sad b/c they were a far superior cookie. It is a shame that larger companies can come in and demand more or the most advantageous shelf space in stores and thereby muscle out the smaller companies. Example Shunshine's Cheez-its vs the Cheese Nips et al. of Nabisco and to me Cheez-its are far superior but do not get the ideal shelf location.

                1. re: CulinaryKate

                  Cheez-its are better than Nips, but the best by far were Tid-Bits. No longer made but a favorite of mine (and my cat) as a child.

            3. re: Bostonbob3

              I would love to be able to still get Hydrox.

              1. re: Bostonbob3

                I came to Hydrox largely as an adult, after learning that Oreos contained beef fat (this is no longer the case), and I prefered them. For me, I think it was the cream - it had a different, special taste.

                The demise of Sunshine Biscuits is a sad thing. I also dearly miss Lemon Coolers.

                1. re: lvecch

                  Oh, Lemon Coolers! Are those no longer around? I thought I had seen them recently. Sunshine Biscuits also made those raisin biscuits, didn't they? Those were good...

                  1. re: maillard

                    The raisin biscuits were another of my favorites.

                    I haven't seen Lemon Coolers in a very long time, but I live in New York and don't usually have the chance to shop in grocery superstores, where there is greater selection. I'd be curious to know if they are in fact still around, under the Keebler name, but I don't think they are.

                    1. re: lvecch

                      Oh, how I loved Lemon Coolers!

                      There is a low-fat lemon cooler Girl Scout cookie baked by Little Brownie Bakers that is very close to Lemon Coolers. They may only be available regionally. My neices in Virginia sell them every ear, and I stock up. It doesn't look like they are baking them this year, unfortunately.


                      1. re: lvecch

                        I remember raisin biscuits! So perfect...I think they came in apple too, which I didn't care for as much. I also loved Chipsies which were horribly sweet! White creamy center between 2 choco chip "cookies". Grasshoppers were also popular at the same time.

                        1. re: lvecch

                          Divamac: I've never seen those Girl Scout cookies in the Northeast, although for a long time I was buying a low-fat lemon creme sandwich cookie that was pretty good. Haven't seen those in a while.

                    2. re: Bostonbob3

                      Matt's Cookies, a midwest chain, used to make my favorite vanilla cream chocolate sandwich cookies. Apparently they don't make them anymore, but I remember that they tasted pretty natural and were chocolatey and delicious.

                    3. Does anyone remember the old Girl Scout cookies that had one side vanilla and one side chocolate with the cream in the middle like oreos? I miss them, they were my favorite girl scout cookies

                      1. Yes, I remember the cookie before its time. My fav though is the Trifoils/trefoils that are the shortbread that great to dunk into milk or coffee mmmmm!