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Sep 4, 2006 01:17 PM

Healthy dining website coming

If it's a concern for you, I read about a new website (still under construction) in this morning's newspaper (AP story)...

which allows diners to discover nutritional information on the 4 to 10 healthiest dishes at restaurants in a community. Should be interesting if it works!

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  1. You can try it now.

    Not very informative IMO.

    Just gives you lots of run-of-the-mill chain type restaurants.

    Maybe as it develops more mom-and-pop type shops and hole-in-the-wall joints will be listed ....

    1. Yes, you will probably not find a restaurant that offers fine French fare on their menu at this website BUT it can help if you are traveling on the road or going to lunch with a bunch of co-workers who only will eat at chains (sigh) and you want a healthy choice.