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Sep 4, 2006 02:21 AM

Fig Cafe (Glen Ellen)

#1 dinner in Glen Ellen is "The Fig Cafe". No reservations, but no corkage! I almost always order the fig salad and the steamed mussels, and that makes a light meal. Cheese selection is always a treat. Wine list is Rhone-only, so if you want Cabernet or Chardonnay, bring your own. Can be a bit noisy. Waits are usually not long, you can walk to the London Lodge Bar for drink while you're waiting. I'm a local and eat there at least twice each month.

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  1. I had the very best grilled cheese sandwich of my life at The Fig Cafe last year, made with brioche and served with a yummy tomato confit, terrific fries and a tarragon aioli. I still dream of it.