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Sep 4, 2006 12:43 PM

Eeek! Mouse-proofing my pantry?

To my dismay, we seem to have mice. I have set traps, jammed steel wool in holes, cracks, and chinks, and still they get in. How can I mouse proof my pantry? Put dry goods in tupperware? It doesn't seem like they've made it in there yet-- at least no droppings to be seen.

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  1. Put all dry goods in containers: Tuperware, canning jars, metal tins, etc., and get a cat.

    1. We live in the country. We finally just got outdoor cats. I haven't seen any evidence since then.

      1. We only seem to have them when the winter has been really cold and then starts to warm up a bit and there is not much out there for them to eat. We used to use traps that did not kill and go dump them in our compost but gave that up. Now we use kill traps. It is funny, I have not had them in my pantry but when we find evidence that they have been visiting I try to make sure the dogs dishes are emptied and put away. They come up from under my dishwasher which is weird, there is no food kept in that part of the kitchen and not much to nibble on in my basement but I have found droppings in my stored Christmas ornament boxes, can't figure out what they can find there. I do keep most of my grains and such all in tightly closed containers.

        1. I keep everything in jars. Don't bother trying to plug up holes, they can get in from places you wouldn't even imagine.
          I've read that bounce dryer sheets repel them, but I haven't tried it, as my cats do pretty well.

          1. You are so right. This past winter I was awakened by something crawling over me. In my half sleep-half waking I flung whatever it was off of me. Seems that I was strong enough to do damage becuse a couple of days later I found a dead mouse just under the bedskirt at the foot of my bed. I can only imagine that it came in through the forced air heating vent and up the curtains at the head of my bed. Those vent grates are quite narrow and I was quite surprised.