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Sep 4, 2006 12:40 PM

Long week end in Barcelona


Me and my wife are going for a long weekend in Barcelona, 15-18 September.
We are booked at Hesperia Sarria for the duration.
As this is my first time in Barcelona I would very much appreciate any tipps which you may throu my way.
I am very interested in tapas and paellas.
Read a lot in this message board about various tapas place i.e Taller de Tapas,Quimet,El Xampayet,Cal Pep,etc the food seems very nice,but as we are on a budget of sorts would like to know how much it would cost roughly to dine at these places.
Is the Bocqueria closed over the weekend?
Were is the best place to enjoy a good paella?
Thanking you all in advance.

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  1. The BoquerĂ­a is closed on Sundays.

    1. Except for Cal Pep, a meal for one would be around 25E before wine. Cal Pep would be about twice as much. Of course, one can spend more depends on ones appetite. Wine is very inexpensive in Spain. I think Taller de Tapas have a website, so you check their menu. They are a little more expensive than most tapas places. Paella is not a specialty of Barcelona, but I had good ones at Cal Pinxo and El Merendero de la Mar in the Barceloneta area. Can Mao is also good. If you have specific questions or need other recommendations, would be to help.

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        Hi, PBSF,
        I enjoy reading all of your comprehensive posts and am going to Barcelona for the first time in June 2008! Quick question about El Merendero de la Mar and Can Mao. Does El Merendero have a "prix fixe" menu only--do you HAVE to choose a starter, main course and dessert? Their web site indicates that it is 46 Euro a person, so I wanted to confirm. Also, does Can Mao also go by the name Can Mano? Are they open on a Sunday--it's difficult to find their hours posted anywhere, and their line is always busy when I call. Of the three that you recommend in Barceloneta, which serves the best paella? I have the misfortune of only being in Barcelona on a Sunday and Monday and wanted to find out if they are open on a Sunday (hoping around noon). Our flight arrives on Sunday at 10:00 a.m., and we have a cruise that departs later that evening. We were hoping that Barceloneta would be a convenient stop before checking into our cruise (we'll be toting our luggage in the meantime, unfortunately). Thank you in advance!

        1. re: grubcrawl

          El Merendero de la Mar has a full a la carte menu. You can order what ever you like. I think the suquet and their rice dishes are the best (not necessarily their paella). Can Mao and Can Mano are NOT the same. Can Mao is a similar to El Merendero but probably a little less expensive. I have not been there in a few years.
          Can Mano is a down to earth, bare-boned, inexpensive place in the middle of Barceloneta. Most of the food is good and hearty, nothing spectacular. Wines are simple and charged depending on how much of the bottle one drinks (in tumblers). If one is looking for a quiet, leisurely meal, this place is NOT it. It is packed with locals and families from the neighborhood. And one can watch the young working guys putting away their inexpensive and overflowing "combination plate". It is one of the places that I frequent with friends and I have never spent more than 15E there.
          It is difficult to find restaurants that are opened Sunday evenings. Most are opened for Sunday lunch, (a very popular meal for Barcelona residents), including El Merendero and Can Mao but not sure about Can Mano, until around 4pm. A very good place that is opened Sunday evenings is Paco Meralgo.

          1. re: PBSF

            Thanks, PBSF! You're such a great resource. The reason I asked if Can Mao and Can Mano were the same is because I've searched online that they are both listed as being located at Carrer Baluard 12, both on Barcelona-Guide ( and eG Forums ( Thank you!

      2. Thank you PBSF,

        I have noticed that you have extensive knowledge of Barcelona`s/Spains hot spots. Good on you!
        By the way checked the Taller de tapas menu,but they do not advertise their prices.
        Passadis del Pep looks good,but noticed that you have to talk to them first before they turn your table into a buffet.Do I ask for a racion,can I return dishes that we do not like (do not eat pork), is it expensive after all?
        Thanks again.

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          Unlike Andalucia, the Basque and to lesser extend Madrid, eating tapas/pintxos in Barcelona is not necessarily inexpensive. I have not been to Taller in a couple of years but as I remembered their prices range from 3E for fried potatoes to 7/8E for some of their seafood tapas. They have a daily menu posted outside of both restaurants so you can check it out before hand. Both places are located in becautiful placas. The tapas are mostly good and the restaurants are comfortable and easy to negotiate but really don't have atmosphere of a good tapas place. There are many other better choices in Barcelona.
          Passadis del Pep has no menu and serve mostly seafood; portion size depends on how many in your party and you ask them to stop when you have enough to eat. You can tell them before hand what you don't eat. Four of us ate there few years ago and the bill came to about 275E with the house cava.
          Barcelona is an easy city for visitors. The restaurants are casual and most will speak some English. It is not an inexpensive city for food but a bargain compare to European cities like London or Paris.

        2. I don't recommend looking for paella in Barcelona. Its not their specialty and is often produced just to please tourists. I had good tapas type eats at Origens (at least 2 locations in Barcelona)and they have a website to peruse ( I also had a great time at Meson David which serves some Galician specialties (try the octopus) and is worth the visit just for the atmosphere.

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          1. re: Julie Woo

            THank You Julie,

            I checked out the Meson David, and a lot of people recomend it ,so yes I will gladly give it a go and will try the octopus as you sugest.
            Sadly could not open the

            1. re: Norga72

              Sorry Norga, the Origens website won't be much help to you anyway as it is only written in Spanish and Catalan. The menus at Origens are great; they provide pictures of everything so all you need to do is point. They do print english versions if you get stuck.

          2. Thank you PBSF,

            I hope that the guys @ Passadis del Pep speak some English ,because my Spanish is non existant.
            Do you know some places to visit (towns) in vicinity of Barcelona for a days trip?
            You have been a great help.
            I could buy you a drink if you were in Barcelona between 15-18 September.