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Sep 4, 2006 10:17 AM

I want print

Sorry, but the website doesn't have the appeal of the magazine. I want something that I can read without sitting in front of a computer. I want paper and pictures that shine. I loved the magazine, subscribed as soon as I knew about it. This is nice, but I can't see me getting excited about it as I did the magazine. I would MUCH prefer to pay for print than get this.

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  1. I entirely sympathise, Kunni. I too would be thrilled to receive, once a month, a glossy, shrink-wrapped, fresh-paper-scented edition of Chow through my letterbox. Even the inclusion of infuriating paper advertisements inviting me to apply for credit cards I don't need or want wouldn't dull my enjoyment of it. However, I work for a British newspaper and we're rapidly becoming aware that the web is the way forward, not just for us but for advertisers as well. Revenue from online advertising recently overtook print ad revenue (only briefly, I think, but it's still a massive change) - so I think we're stuck with it. And it's more ecologically sound, I suppose. I do agree though, it's bloody annoying that you can't read it in bed.

    1. Not only are print publication ad revenues down, but the cost of paper is way up.

      1. I want TO print out a receipe. Most receipe sites have this function. Hope you'll be able to add in future, it would be most helpful for those who actually would like to cook these things. Thanks.

        1. My last name is Chow and last year I picked up CHOW magazine, purely for the name. As I read it I fell in LOVE with it. I truely enjoy the way it celebrates food and the act of cooking. It definaly spoke to those who love to have thier friends in the kitchen help out with dinner as they enjoy a glass of wine. I was so upset to hear it was your last issue. Love the site and will be loyal to it, but I agree with Kunni. Please let me know if you decide to print again, I'd subscribe in a minute.


          1. Same here. I do enjoy a good website like this, but I also love being able to lay flat on my back and read a food mag too. I will admit to having a love of more traditional publications as well, but the only two issues of this mag I ever found on the newsstand were breaths of fresh air to me. There are also a lot of people I know here in culinary school that would have a liking of a print version of this again. Either way, keep up the good work.