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Sep 4, 2006 09:57 AM

Reccos for Italian restos in LV?

I have lived here for over two years, and while I think that this is one of the best restaurant cities in the country (high-end AND low-end; including most every type of cuisine), I am constantly disappointed by what is a staple in almost every other city and town - Italian restaurants. So far, the "best" of a mediocre bunch have been Bootlegger, Casa di Amore, and......That's it. I've tried many others - anyone care to chime in with their favorites?

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  1. Have you given any of the following a try?
    Il Fornio @ GVR
    La Scala on Sahara
    Spiedini @ J.W. Marriott
    Ventano's Italian Cafe in Henderson
    Viaggio in Henderson

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      If the Il Fornaio at Green Valley Ranch is a branch of the California-based chain, then yes, I have eaten at both the Beverly Hills and San Francisco outposts numerous times. I would doubt that the local branch would be much different - perhaps I am wrong. I have also eaten at Spiedini, and was unimpressed. I have not tried La Scala (isn't that on DI?), or the two you mention in Henderson (each of which have gotten some decent reviews). Thanks for the imput!

    2. Try Pane Vino...just off the strip on Sunset along side of the runway.....service and food and the views are impeccable.

      1. We tried Sazio's at the Orlean's...It was a good Italian meal..Excellent wine selection..good marinara sauce...Reasonable prices...Check it out!!!

        1. I am not a big fan of Viaggio, but also on Eastern is a restaurant called Gaetano's that we like. Also more towards Summerlin is a place called, I believe, Marc's Italian Steakhouse. Nice atmosphere, good food. Pane Vino has a great room and good service; the food was good, but I thought a bit expensive.

          1. Yes Il Fornaio is part of that upscale California-based chain and La Scala is on Desert Inn. Marc's, located on West Lake Meade Blvd., is one I am going to have to try since it is primarily Northern Italian.