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Sep 4, 2006 06:05 AM

Pizza dough with a bread machine

When the temps cool down here in southeast Texas I'd like to do some pizzas. Never have done any at home.
I have a bread machine that has a pizza dough recipe that came with the machine.
Can anyone comment on bread machine pizza dough?
Thanks a ton

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  1. It seems to work well for me. It is conveninet that is for sure! As I prep the toppings the machiene takes care of the dough.


    1. I have made it tons of times and it is wonderful. Does the recipe call for herbs? If not, make sure you use some dried herbs in it for best flavor. I have always, always precooked my homemade pizza dough before adding the toppings because I love a crispier crust. It's all a matter of taste but it makes it less soggy, IMHO.

      Focaccia dough from a bread machine is fantastic too.

      1. Thanks folks!!