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Sep 4, 2006 04:05 AM

Any Must-Haves @ Cafe Del Rey?

cashing in on a eClub coupon (a flight of 3 wines) and a Cosmocard ($15 off) there tomorrow evening with Mom (having dinner @ the patio & watching the sunset!) ~ a cursory search here didn't yield any recent food opinions about the place, so wondering if there's any must-have (or must-avoid) from y'all.

Dessert recs (or don'ts) are appreciated too, since we both have a sweet tooth.

Thanks for the help! I'm looking forward at least to the scenery, if nothing else.

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  1. I haven't been there in a few years and have just made reservations for later this week.

    What I remember is... the menu changes, which is a good thing. They were always very cutting edge, using creative ingredients and listing them as a description of a dish, way before the current trend of the same practice.

    Go for what sounds good that night. I can only hope the kitchen staff has maintained good quality help.

    I have always loved that place, excellent location and usually very good food.

    Enjoy and report back!

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    1. re: Vickie McCorkendale

      I went on Thursday and while they have updated the decor the menu and service lacked attention to detail and skill.

      I'm afraid I won't be going back either.

    2. Also has been a few years, but I still dream about a lovely lavender panna cotta dessert....

      1. We were there 2 months ago, tried several dishes with another couple , won't be returning, even for free!

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        1. re: russkar

          Agreed Russkar, Cafe del Rey is an avoid for me too. The few times I've been to this place have convinced me that they go for food trend du jour at the expense of getting the food to taste good. Someone else chose this place for a client dinner a while ago and I have never gone back.

          Stick to the simple things on the menu, and enjoy the view.

        2. Despite the above....I was there last year. Have they changed that much??? Any fresh seafood and their beef "something" I'm sure would be winners. If you like martini's "cash in" on one of those. With Grey Goose...they do a beauty of a job. Don't forget to ask for a window table! :) KQ

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            thanks for the tip - actually I got a patio table! hopefully the seabreeze & nightfall won't be too cold!

          2. I recently had the Crab Melt... Which was like a Crab Cake Sandwich. It was Decadent... but SOOO good...