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Sep 4, 2006 04:05 AM

Best Bloody Mary's in San Diego

As someone in the industry, I keep late hours and usually eat my breakfast close to noon. I'm looking for the places with the best Bloody Mary's in town (or in county). Some criteria would be: spiciness, homemade mix, garnishes, coldness of ice (I hate when it melts before I'm finished), seasoning/salt on the rim, etc. I'll start by saying that, other than the plastic cup, Bear Mountain Resorts (the ski/snowboard place) do an absolutely mean Bloody. If it were in a glass, it'd be unbeatable.

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  1. Here what Louis from the Liars Club Says (I agree)

    "Here's the cure - try one of Tonya's award-winning bacon-wrapped shrimp Peppar Marys. These bloody marys were judged to be the best in town by San Diego Magazine, and they are served every Sunday morning".


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      Where is the place that you are describing?