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Sep 4, 2006 03:59 AM

Cal Fish Irvine for Lunch Today

Had sword and halibut with fries and cole slaw. Fish tasted fairly fresh but was cut thin ( ~0.5") and IOHO pretty much overcooked. In contrast, we generally grill thick ~2 - 3" slices at home on the barbie and err toward less done. Fries and slaw were so-so, edible but nothing special.

Now considering servings were ample and given the price of fresh fish in the market these days, arguably good value~$10 a plate. Serves a purpose for those in need of a quick and basic (little to no flair or inspiration) fish fix at a reasonable price. But anyone expecting more will be sorely disappointed.

If the chow at Cal Fish becomes too boring, throw healthfulness to the wind. Head south a few long blocks to Wholesome Foods at Michaelson & Culver and feast on a decadent array of Med, Persian and Indian goodies, you naughty hound, you.

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  1. Yup, agree on all counts. Meh food, less than meh fries, but it's an edible fish platter for a good price.

    It adds variety to that area and occasionally I'll hit it if I'm feeling a need for grilled fish without shelling out for someplace better, like Gulfstream in Corona del Mar.

    1. I really need to check that place out. I hear it's run by the same people who own the Stonefire Grill on the same general principles.

      BTW, love Wholesome Choice. I know one of their takeout orders is supposed to feed two or more people, but I usually snarf it all myself. =)