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Sep 4, 2006 03:41 AM

New Tacubaya at 19th/Telegraph?

Sorry if this news has been posted already, but....

I walked past my favorite building in Oakland today (the blue building with silver filigree trim, diagonal to the Fox theater). There was an application to serve liquor in the window for Tacubaya...very interesting.

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  1. Yeah, the Dona Tomas/Tacubaya folks are opening up a third restaurant, which will be California cuisine, called Flora (named after the Floral Depot building it will be located in).
    It's supposed to be a restaurant, and bar as well, since the Uptown area is slated to become an entertainment district.

    Here's a link that gives the scoop:

    1. Sounds great. That's such a lovely building, I'm glad something like that is going in there.

      1. I saw that too, and wondered. All it said was that the license was for an owner called Tacubaya, so I wasn't sure if it was a restaurant or a nightclub.

        There's also a "coming soon" sign for a taqueria next door to the new Chef Edward's.

        1. Awesome... I hope they can keep the food as good as the Berkeley location, and I'm really glad to see even more life in that awakening part of Oakland.