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Where is the Best Sunday brunch in Shanghai?

Just moved to Shanghai and had a disasterous brunch at the Four Seasons hotel. 456RMB (includes champagne and sevice charge), but so not worth it for the measly spread that was given. Sure, there was Veuve Cliquot champagne, but who cares when the service is inattentive and the food selection poor.

Need a new BRUNCH PLACE???

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  1. Four Seasons isn't that bad! Maybe you set your expectations too high?

    Anyways, to answer your question, the Sunday Brunch at Westin wins easily.

    1. I still dream of the breakfast buffet at the Shangri-la on the Pudong side! I'm not usually a fan of buffets -- oh, but how this one changed my mind! Eastern, western, middle eastern cuisine. Fantastic juices at the juice bar -- basil celery was my favorite.

      1. We had tasty and much less expensive (though still pricey, as Western food seems to be) brunches at Azul and M on the Bund. Our reviews are in this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

        Both were fine, though we preferred Azul.

        1. We go to the Renaissance in Puxi for a Cantonese brunch. Good dim sum.

          1. FWIW, here are all the brunch places listed on the City Weekend website:

            Cafe Bistro - Sheraton Grand Tai Ping Yang
            Changning Y238 for adults, Y160 for children, + 15%.

            Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai
            Jing An 11:30am - 2:30pm, RMB328+15% Incl.soft drinks; RMB398+15% Incl. unlimited service of champagne.

            Grand Hyatt Shanghai
            Pudong The ritziest of the ritzy, Shanghai's highest Hyatt reigning over Pudong from the heights of the Jinmao Tower.

            Intercontinental Pudong Shanghai
            58358-8888 ext.3166
            11:30am-2:30pm, 198 + 15% including beverages and one cocktail.

            JC Mandarin
            Jing An 11:30am-2:30pm, Y68+15%.

            JW Marriott Shanghai Tomorrow Square
            Jing An 11:30-2:30pm, Y238-298.

            La Cocina Mediterranean Cafe

            Marriott Cafe
            6237-6000 ext. 6657

            Novotel Atlantis Shanghai
            5036-6666 ext. 1823
            Pudong 11:30am-3pm, Y195-258.

            Changning RMB128-218-298+15%.

            O Café

            Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai
            Jing An RMB418+15%.

            Pudong Shangri-la Shanghai
            6882-8888 ext. 21
            Pudong 11:30am-2:30pm on every Sunday, RMB228-RMB348+15%.

            6212-9998 ext. 3150
            Luwan 12am-2:30pm, Y250+15%.

            Regal International East Asia Hotel
            6415-5588 ext. 2756
            11am-2:30pm, Y188+15% & Y198+15%
            Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel
            Pudong Brasserie: 11:30am-2pm RMB120+15%, Dim Sum Brunch at Wan Li Chinese Restaurant: 11am-2:30pm RMB88+15%.

            Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel
            6275-0000 ext. 2132
            Changning 12am-3pm, RMB218+15%.

            3313-4888 ext. 51118
            Huangpu RMB238 + 15% service charge, inclusive of free flow sparkling wine or fine wines. 11:30am-3pm.

            Sofitel Oriental JinJiang
            Pudong 11:30am-2:30pm, Y198+15%.

            The Stage & Prego
            6335-0577, 6335-1786
            Huangpu Kid friendly buffet restaurant with fancy drinks to boot! 418RMB plus 15% service charge. 185RMB plus 15% for children.

            The St.Regis Shanghai
            Pudong 11:30am-2:30pm, Y198-298-398+15%.


            1. If you, like many Americans, focus on volume (I couldn't resist that one...sorry), then go to all you can eat hotel buffets. The Westin has a good reputation in that respect. If you prefer quality, then there is only one address: Jean Georges at 3 on the Bund. BEST brunch in town, leaves everyone else in the dust in terms of food quality.

              1. a hint about the shangri-la pudong brunch. ask the guy at the sashimi stand for the specific cuts of fish you want and you will be in the fatty-belly cut secret fraternity. they will serve you endless large amaebi and any special (better) cuts if you ask them, though they do not offer it pre-cut on the dishes displayed. this is the highlight of the brunch if you ask me.

                1. Agree with recommendations for the Westin and Shangri-La Pudong. Hotel brunch buffets are typically the way to go, though after eating at one you're in a food coma for the rest of the day. I've always been disappointed by Jean Georges, it definitely doesn't reach the standard of the NY version.

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                    I never had the lunch buffets, only dinners, but my guess the best quality will be PuDong's ShangriLa.

                    Hyatt on the Bund sunday brunch is pretty good too

                  2. for non-buffet options, anyone tried m1nt, el willy or stillers? the one at m1nt is supposed to be really good, am a little skeptical tbh

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                      In my opinion, m1nt is everything that is wrong with Shanghai. I give the Beijing location less than a year and considering the financial mess the whole thing is, it wouldn't be surprising if the whole "m1nt experiment" disappeared before the end of 2010.

                      In any case, despite my hatred for the place, I must admit the terrace is one of the best places to have a Sunday brunch. The quality isn't any better than the hotel options and the quantity is lacking, especially considering the outrageous price.

                      Have yet to go to El Willy for brunch, but I've enjoyed every meal I've had there, so wouldn't be surprised if they can match the experience with their brunch.

                    2. I went to check in KABB bar and grill in Xintiandi once. It was really fantastic place to have Sunday Brunch in Shanghai. And all the sandwiches there are worth of 40rmb with a cup of standard coffee.
                      And later on, I found some one was also highly recommended KABB. Check the link the below.
                      Also I went to a venue in Shanghai Financial World Center to have a weekday brunch, i order a big burger. Wow, it really makes me homesick.

                      1. Here are some of my top recommendations for brunch in Shanghai:

                        1. Stiller's (http://www.sugarednspiced.com/stillers/
                        )2. Jing'an at the PuLi (http://www.sugarednspiced.com/jingan-...
                        )3. Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen (http://www.sugarednspiced.com/napa-wi...


                        I also put together a brunch guide for those interested:

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                          And a Taiwan transplant in the Yard of Shanghai Opera's office

                          They have daily set brunch - interesting deco

                        2. I'm a big fan of the brunch at Madison. I went with 6 people and we ordered almost everything on the brunch menu (plus a few double orders) and it came out to about 90rmb per person with drinks. I highly recommend the scrambled eggs with mushroom and Scottish eggs (made with duck eggs and duck sausage). Austin Hu apparently managed to extend the lease for 6 more months until they are able to find a new location.

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                            i heard really great thing about madison brunch too - it's on my list for this weekend. i've checked our your blog post and shau ru's...looking forward to the food :)

                          2. I'd vote for the La Vie en Rose Sunday Brunch is RMB418 per person including unlimited flow of Mumm Brut, or RMB 518 for Mumm Rosé, Went for the Rose option with a few friends and it was great. Stuffed our faces with Foie Gras and seafood. Not cheap but a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The Stage at the Westin is a great option as they add entertainment but food wasn't as good.