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Boston Pizza?

What is Boston Style Pizza? How is it different from all the other well-known styles? In Canad, we have a large chain called boston pizza, and i dont see anything special. What is considered great Boston Pizza in Boston?

i have had Pinnochio's so far (the Sicilian slices) and I have liked it.

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    1. The chain has zero to do with pizza in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. There was a Boston Pizza and Spaghetti house in Edmonton, Alberta that begat the chain.

      The classic pizza in Boston Mass. is found at Pizzeria Regina in Boston's North End (not at the PR chain locations), with Santarpio's in East Boston.

      The older thread has a bit more to do with a sometimes derogatory usage that is not a term widely used here in Boston....

      1. I disagree. It's been about six years since I lived in Boston, but I found a lot of great pizza when I was there, particularly Santarpio's and Regina's, as mentioned above by Karl S, although I will say the quality at the Regina franchises can be uneven. I also loved Newberry Pizza and, in Cleveland Circle (technically Brookline), Pino's. (All of these are of the thin crust, round pie variety, except for Newberry, which makes a slightly thicker, chewier crust.)

        1. I agree EXCEPT that there are some great pizza places around. There is no such thing as Boston style pizza, but Regina in the North End (NOT the chain locations) is great, as is Pinocchio's in Harvard Square ...

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            The original poster mentioned Pinocchio's - didn't ring a bell until you mentioned Harvard Square. I'm not a big fan of Sicilian, but theirs is excellent.

            And, just to clarify, my "I disagree" above was in answer to a post that has been removed.

          2. Please help us keep this board focused on finding great chow in Boston. Feel free to respond with comments on where to find pizza in Boston.

            Please start a new thread on the General Chowhounding Topics board to discuss definitions of Boston pizza or to make general observations and comparisons of regional pizza styles. Thanks.

            1. Some of my favorite not-so-famous places to get good pizza in Boston:

              The Paddock, Somerville. Excellent pizza of the "bar" variety. Super onion rings, too.

              The Dogwood Cafe, JP. Really good pies cooked in a large brick oven. Top-shelf ingredients. Hint: ask for your crust well-done.

              Antico Forno. Similar comments as above. They make a wonderful buffalo mozzarella pizza with just a swirl of sauce and a few basil leaves. The essense of Naples.

              Forest Hills Pizza. When it reopens (another fire victim), try what many consider the best example of so-called Greek pizza around.

              Haymarket Pizza. Simple but superb, and available by the slice. And even an entire large is only about $8.00 Again, I personally like to have them do the crust "well-done." But my New York friends (yes, I have a few) prefer it as-is, and rave about the place.

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                I agree about Haymarket Pizza, it's the best. They even validate parking for the haymarket garage for easy access.

              2. I'm going to add Cafe Rossini in Somerville (Highland Ave at Cedar Street) to the list. It's the best pizza I've had in Somerville - and they deliver all over Somverville.

                Regina's and Santarpios are my favorites in Boston.

                Pepe's in New Haven is my favorite anywhere!

                1. If you like thin-crust, Upper Crust (Beacon Hill, and Brookline) is highly recommended. For something a little less traditional, and a little more ambience, the spicy chicken sausage pizza at Todd English's Figs is fantastic...

                  1. I second Cafe Rossini - delicious! Another favorite of mine was Pizz Oggi, but I haven't been there since they moved from JP to down town. Finally I would add Bella Luna which has interesting pizza toppings, and a fun atmosphere.

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                      I kind of like Pizza Oggi's toppings (they can be unusual but good), but the crust is sooo bready. No char or chew.

                    2. Big City has good "West Coast"(read "crazy toppings", silly easterners) thin crust pizza.

                      I have yet to have excellent pizza in Boston, all the sandwich shop pizza places I've had suck big time in the pizza dept. It amazes me that there are this many college kids and no good pizza. Or perhaps its because there are this many college kids there is no good pizza?

                      I do need to try some of the places in this thread though. I'll be at Haymarket tomorrow, so I'm going to grab a slice before food shopping.

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                        Sandwich shops (especially near the colleges) very predominantly offer "Greek" pizza. Which is loved by a minority on this board; for the rest of us, it's a flag to avoid. There is excellent pizza in the Boston area elsewhere.

                      2. What is Boston Pizza? In a word, crap.

                        Except for Santarpio's.

                        1. I personally love Ernesto's in the North End. They have GIANT [1/4 of a pizza] slices, and a bunch of different toppings.

                          As for Santarpio's, I must admit that the past three or four times I have eaten their pizza in the past year or so, I have been VERY disappointed. The cheese past I had last time was undercooked and just BAD.