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Sep 4, 2006 02:14 AM

Boston Pizza?

What is Boston Style Pizza? How is it different from all the other well-known styles? In Canad, we have a large chain called boston pizza, and i dont see anything special. What is considered great Boston Pizza in Boston?

i have had Pinnochio's so far (the Sicilian slices) and I have liked it.

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    1. The chain has zero to do with pizza in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. There was a Boston Pizza and Spaghetti house in Edmonton, Alberta that begat the chain.

      The classic pizza in Boston Mass. is found at Pizzeria Regina in Boston's North End (not at the PR chain locations), with Santarpio's in East Boston.

      The older thread has a bit more to do with a sometimes derogatory usage that is not a term widely used here in Boston....

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        1. I disagree. It's been about six years since I lived in Boston, but I found a lot of great pizza when I was there, particularly Santarpio's and Regina's, as mentioned above by Karl S, although I will say the quality at the Regina franchises can be uneven. I also loved Newberry Pizza and, in Cleveland Circle (technically Brookline), Pino's. (All of these are of the thin crust, round pie variety, except for Newberry, which makes a slightly thicker, chewier crust.)

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            1. I agree EXCEPT that there are some great pizza places around. There is no such thing as Boston style pizza, but Regina in the North End (NOT the chain locations) is great, as is Pinocchio's in Harvard Square ...

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                The original poster mentioned Pinocchio's - didn't ring a bell until you mentioned Harvard Square. I'm not a big fan of Sicilian, but theirs is excellent.

                And, just to clarify, my "I disagree" above was in answer to a post that has been removed.