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Sep 4, 2006 02:14 AM

Any recent experiences at Miriam (Park Slope)?

Went to Miriam tonight, and was not wowed. The menu looked great in theory, but the actual execution of the food was disappointing. For example, the "Mediterranean salad" had mediocre tomatoes, even though it is SO easy to find excellent tomatoes at this time of year.

I had heard great things about Miriam, so I'm wondering if it has gone downhill? Any recommendations of what to order if I try it again??

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  1. I wouldn't say it's easy to find good tomatoes right now. The past 2 weeks of rain, clouds and cool weather has really messed up the crop.

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    1. re: Astoria Lurker

      Well, I've gotten fantastic Jersey tomatoes in the past two weeks... But I don't really want to argue about your appraisal of my appraisal of tomatoes! What I would like to know is whether you have anything to say about Miriam. Anyone?

    2. I really love miriam, though haven't been in a few weeks. I don't know about the tomatoes, but the grilled haloumi cheese salad was delicious. We also tried the marjoram crusted bass, with an amazing cauliflower puree. The grilled escolar with jerusalem artichokes was delicious! I had the hummus once before, and was surprised to find it a little too deconstructed for me to like. The burekas were tasty, but a bit rich for my liking. I'm also a big fan of their flatbread (breadbasket)

      1. Ive still not been able to visit Miriam, but Id caution anybody to make a judgment on a small restaurant based on a Sunday night visit, especially on a holiday weekend - if the chef is going to be out, that is a likely night for them to take. I know Ive made this observation a tiresome number of times, but there have been lots of cases reported of disappointing Sunday night meals and Ive wondered whether this was the reason.

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          You're not tiresome, Jen! Thanks for the reminder.

        2. i've had some very good meals there, although i haven't been within the last 2 months. the grilled shrimp on black rice is great (although, it can be kind of oily sometimes) and the chicken shawarma is actually quite an inventive way to serve a dish that's become a standard at hole-in-the-wall places all over.

          i suggest giving it one more shot, and if it disappoints again, cross it off the rotation.

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              it's grilled chicken over a pita with some vegetables, mango chutney, and tahini. it's definitely a knife-and-fork deal, you can't pick it up and eat it. and it has a little bit of spice to it. it's far better than the sum of its parts (it's also yummier than my meagerr decription.)

              i also like the halvah mousse for dessert, although it's kind of rich.