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Sep 4, 2006 01:32 AM

Best ribs in Central New Jersey.

Rib/BBQ fans in Central Jersey should go to the Rub Hut, in Manville. They're phenomenal. Try the brisket, too.

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  1. Best ribs in Central New Jersey... is that like best taylor ham, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel in Texas?

    I live pretty close to RUB Hut, and go occaisionally. I think the Mexican dishes are better than the BBQ to be honest. I enjoy the Q, don't get me wrong-and I appreciate that anyone in the area is using a smoker raher than the old bottle of liquid smoke. But I wouldn't say phenomenal, by a long shot.

    I don't know if Elizabeth is considered "central" NJ, but Front Street BBQ is better than RUB hut in my opinion... why not check it out? I tried it once-not enough to judge- but enjoyed everything on my sampler platter.

    Any other ribs/BBQ tips?

    1. In northern Monmouth, I like the ribs at the Asian grocery on Rt 35 in Middletown - next door to Crown Palace. Chinese style pork ribs with the sticky sweet hoisen sauce.
      Also, Bad Bob's in Keyport. Memphis style pork ribs and pulled pork. This is a northern outpost of a small franchise chain. A bit pricey. Sides are small and nothing special. Cole slaw is pretty good. 'Cue quality can vary from day to day. When it's good; it's good.

      Neither is these places is outstanding, but pretty good if you're in the area.

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        Hey, Val, We tried Bad Bob's, in Keyport. Frankly, I thought the ribs were pretty awful, as were the sides.

        Big Ed's, in Old Bridge, is the place we go to for ribs. They're the fall-off-the-bone kind, which is the way we like 'em, and we get extra sauce on the side. Yum! Fries, baked beans, and cole slaw are tasty. And the little garlic rolls that come with the meal are seriously delicious!