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Nov 1, 2004 02:21 PM

British food products

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Any idea where I can buy British food products in San Francisco/ Bay Area? Cheers!

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  1. leonards on polk is one place
    mollie stones is another
    there are several other places
    there's an indian place on clement but i dont recall the name
    there are lots of other places too, but the ones I mention are ones I've used.
    NB - there is a recent problem whereby all cadbury's stuff has become available due to trade issues, so this means its not possible to get a lot of the chocolate you could get prviously.
    also there are lots of online places if you do a web search

    1. It's funny but the Campbell/San Jose area has both a British food store and an Australian food store. I know it's pretty far south but if you're really needing that fix it's available down here.

      British Food Centre
      1614 W Campbell Ave
      Campbell, CA 95008-1535

      1. British Food Center
        1652 El Camino Real
        San Carlos, CA
        (650) 595-0630

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          Melanie Wong

          The place in San Carlos has a lot of frozen foods and a large selection of staples. When I was there last, someone loaded a couple ice chests full of stuff into his car to drive down to Southern Calif.

          Here's a link to a previous thread that lists more British food resources.


        2. The British Grocery
          726 15th St
          San Francisco,CA 94103

          1. I think that Berkeley Bowl does a fine job, as well.