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British food products

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Any idea where I can buy British food products in San Francisco/ Bay Area? Cheers!

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  1. leonards on polk is one place
    mollie stones is another
    there are several other places
    there's an indian place on clement but i dont recall the name
    there are lots of other places too, but the ones I mention are ones I've used.
    NB - there is a recent problem whereby all cadbury's stuff has become available due to trade issues, so this means its not possible to get a lot of the chocolate you could get prviously.
    also there are lots of online places if you do a web search

    1. It's funny but the Campbell/San Jose area has both a British food store and an Australian food store. I know it's pretty far south but if you're really needing that fix it's available down here.

      British Food Centre
      1614 W Campbell Ave
      Campbell, CA 95008-1535

      1. British Food Center
        1652 El Camino Real
        San Carlos, CA
        (650) 595-0630

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          Melanie Wong

          The place in San Carlos has a lot of frozen foods and a large selection of staples. When I was there last, someone loaded a couple ice chests full of stuff into his car to drive down to Southern Calif.

          Here's a link to a previous thread that lists more British food resources.

          Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

        2. The British Grocery
          726 15th St
          San Francisco,CA 94103


          1. I think that Berkeley Bowl does a fine job, as well.

            1. Link to discussion three weeks ago.

              Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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                Wine Templar

                Okay, all these discussions are fine-and-dandy for pre-packaged items, but where can I find a freshly-prepared, hot Sausage Roll????

                I've figured out where to buy stuff, but where are the British Pubs or Restaurants that serve the real stuff?

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                  the best sausage roll i've had since i've been here was made by a friend who did the wole thing from scratch, pastry and all.
                  you can always by the pastry frozen, but the sausage meat isn't ever going to be the same as british sausage meat.
                  There is an american version of a sausage roll, but i can't remember what they are called.
                  If you manage to find a good one, please let me know
                  ummm, warm, fresh baked, sausage rolls

                  1. re: Sixy beast
                    Wine Templar

                    Nope - not willing to make my own from scratch. Must be made by a true Brit for it to taste right.

                    I'm on a quest...

                    1. re: Wine Templar

                      the ones i had WERE made by a true Brit
                      (there are quite a lot of us in these here parts)
                      it tasted quite wonderful
                      i just don't think you you can get the right kind of sausage here.
                      I've never found a sausage yet that tastes like british bangers, especially the ones labelled "british style bangers", and my friend had similar problems sourcing the exact right type of sausage meat for her rolls, though she got close.

                      1. re: Sixy Beast

                        Ancient thread. Sixy, do you remember where she found this 'British-style' meat for the bangers ?

                        1. re: osho

                          You could call Pig 'n' Whistle and ask where they get theirs.

                  2. re: Wine Templar

                    A number of pubs do reasonable sausage rolls, including Mad Dog in the Fog on the Haight. But the best sausage roll I've had in town comes from this french bakery on the corner of Fillmore and Bush. Can't remember the name of it but it's got a bright yellow sign. And the rolls, fresh out of the oven are absolutely spot on.

                  3. For what it's worth, I've gotten frozen Cameron's banger rolls and other specialties from the British Food Centres Ltd. (BFC) which (according to their business card) has shops in Campbell, San Carlos, and Solana Beach.

                    Berkeley Bowl, Draeger's, various Andronico's, Nob Hill, and other supermarkets all around the Bay Area have carried small British specialty sections, especially in recent years. None that I've seen approaches the variety at the BFCs. Cambell at least has a big refrigerated and frozen section including bulk meats and sausages. And endless packaged goods out front: Maynards Wine Gums, toffees, jam tarts, Indian spice pastes and condiments (many), vegetarian products (many), canned vegetables incl. "Mushy Peas," frozen desserts like the well-known "Spotted Dick," and even (in case you happen to be seeking it) Bird's cornstarch-based blancmange mix in a 3.5 kg bag, "makes 1270 portions."

                    Several newer threads have revisited this subject:

                    British Food Center
                    1614 W Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

                    British Food Center
                    1652 El, Camino Real San Carlos, CA

                    British Food Center
                    138 S Solana Hills Dr, Solana Beach, CA