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Sep 4, 2006 01:22 AM

Slippery Shrimp?

Hi all - I read an article in the LA Times many months ago about a restaraunt whose signature dish is called "slippery shrimp" - it sounded pretty good but can't find the article now and was wondering a) if anyone knows which restaraunt this is, b) if this dish is good and c) if the place is good in general.

Many thanks...

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  1. In all likelihood, it was Yang Chow in Chinatown. Opinions vary wildly on this Board but I am a fan. Among other dishes I like there are the spicy wonton soup and the Yang Chow lamb.

    1. It's probably Yang Chow on Broadway in Chinatown. An unpopular choice on this board, but I like their food. American-downed Chinese food. A little too greasy, too sweet, too salty. I love it! The Slippery Shrimp is my favorite and if you liked the LA times description, you will probably like the actual dish.

      For something spicier, they have a really spicy Won Ton soup that made me turn beet red and cry a little. Good stuff!

      1. (a) I did not see the article but "Slippery Shrimp" is the signature dish of Yang Chow. They have two locations, one in Woodland Hills, and one in Chinatown.
        (b) The dish is OK. It is basically an aromatic prawn dish. One of my favorite versions is at Twin Dragon, although Twin Dragon is generally panned by the hounds, the aromatic prawns are really good.
        (c) In general the restaurant is decent. People tend to favor the downtown location, but both have decent offerings. I prefer other places, especially places like Mei Long Village in San Gabriel for Shanghai cuisine or Ocean Star in Monterey Park for Hong Kong style seafood.

        Give either location a try and judge for yourself. Hope this helps. Good luck and good eats.

        1. Isn't there one in Pasadena, too, or has that one closed?

          1. I haven't been to the branch in Chinatown for some time but the one here in Woodland Hills dumbed down their flavors about 3 years ago. They got rid of the cold spicy squid salad and the spicy wonton suddenly became tame. The spicy eggplant became neutral. We asked about the change and were told that the public didn't prefer the heat. They told us that we could order "extra spicy" which we tried but they apparently seem intent on imposing their impression of "American" taste. The slippery shrimp is a good sweet treat but, for our taste, INSIST on extra spicy. Otherwise the sauce is cloying.