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Sep 4, 2006 01:19 AM

The Silver Spoon- Cookbook

So, i was in Williams and Sonoma today and saw this cookbook, i flipped through it and so saw good looking stuff. Does anyone have it, have you cooked out of it, worth buying?

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  1. I have the book, looked through it but has yet to try the recipes. I know someone who have cooked from the book (the husband is Italian) and they love the book.

    If you want to get one, Costco have had it for a great price, even better than on, where my husband got it for me. Look around, you shouldn't have to pay published price for it.

    1. It's basically the Joy of Cooking for Italians. By that I mean an all-purpose cookbook with a comprehensive approach to recipes (a little of everything). Many new brides receive it. There is a lot of debate among people who love it, like it, indifferent to it, hate it -- no consensus, similar to reactions to Joy of Cooking.

      1. This book is slowly revealing its secrets to me. It's not exactly fun to read (i.e. packed with stories and interesting tidbits) but the recipes are sensible and pretty much all-inclusive. For all things Italian (and for Italian interpretations of all things) its a useful book.

        1. I have the book and am enjoying it, though the recipes are not full proof - I actually think that it is better for a somewhat experienced cook - some things that I made following the instructions exactly did not work out. There have been a number of threads on this - if you search for "silver spoon."

          This said - It is good inspiration.

          1. You might try borrowing it from your local library first to check it out. If they don't have it, ask them if the have an interlibrary loan program where they can borrow it from another library system. Most will do that at very low or no cost.