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Sep 4, 2006 12:43 AM

Crepes and More in Fairfield

Noticed a new place, Crepes and More on Jackson St. in downtown Fairfield. It used to be an Italian place, I think. Looks small from the outside, but inside it's pretty spacious. They serve breakfast all day and have a decent selection of savory crepes. Other lunch options are the usual sandwiches and they also have a separate dinner menu. I had a chicken crepe with pine nuts and mushrooms in a white sauce. It was served with a side salad (good, but heavy on the dressing), and house potatoes. A satisfying meal for a reasonable price. Another in my group had the seafood crepe. I didn't care for the addition of blue cheese- it's pungency overpowered the seafood. Dessert crepes are an assortment of nutella & fruit filled. While I'm sure there are much better crepes to be found in the Bay Area, there are so few good places to eat up here that it's worth a visit if you live in the area. Also a decent backup for when the wait at Bab's (just over the freeway in Suisun)is just too long.

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  1. Thanks for posting, sweet ginger. Don't get a lot of reports out of Fairfield; I've been up that way a fair amount the last few weeks, so if you find some more decent stuff out that way, that would be really helpeful.