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Sep 4, 2006 12:36 AM

West Indian Parade

Does anyone know the food deal for the parade?

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  1. This is the best food parade in NY. Lots of stands with homemade food from Jerk chicken to roti to codfish cakes. I think the Giuliani/Bloomberg self-righteousness may mean that again there is no beer/stout being sold which would be a real downer, but perhaps the mayor will have relented this year. In any case the food is great.

    1. It's essentially the Red Hook Ballfields x 100. It's the rare day in NYC where you can sample food from the Virgin Islands, St. Kitts, Nevis, etc. There's probably about 2-300 (yes, hundred) food vendors set up along the length of Eastern Parkway - walk around and try until your hearts content. Go early, though, to get it while it's fresh - towards the end of the day things tend to dry out. (If you go really late, though, you can sometimes get freebies.)

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        Do you know how far up Eastern Parkway you have to go? I'm coming from Park Slope.

        1. re: jcf

          the food stalls start at around the museum and go all the way to Utica Ave.

          And no alcohol is still the rule (not only here but all NYC parades)

          1. re: livetotravel

            Was there people selling dixie cups of rum from card tables? That was one of my favorite things about the parade -- but I haven't gone since 2001.

            The vendors that were out there--did anyone find out what restaurants they were affiliated with? Anyone get really exceptionally good food this year?

            1. re: erikka

              not that I could see - all alcohol has been banned for several years now, and a good thing too given the rowdiness and violence that we used to have (more than I saw this year).

              it was a great day out - many,maybe most of the vendors do not have restaurant affiliations - thats one of the things that makes it interesting.

      2. The food is amazing at the parade. I wish I could make it this year but it is my sisters birthday. We are throwing a surprise paty and I have been cooking all weekend.

          1. I had a wonderful plate of fried shrimp and fried wings with mac and cheese and collard greens without a hint of bitterness, near Underhill/Washington Avenue. I heard there was a stand that sold tasty conch salad. I'm sorry I missed it.