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Sep 4, 2006 12:22 AM

East Bay Dim Sum

I'm looking for an authentic Dim Sum place in the East Bay. Any ideas?

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  1. East Ocean in Alameda, outstanding. Only has carts on the weekend.

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    1. re: rtmonty

      I wuold second East Ocean. It's excellent and very reasonable compared to many of the places in the city. It's also very busy on Saturday and Sunday, almost all Chinese families.

      1. re: rtmonty

        Seconding yourself. It must be doubly good.


    2. what part of the EB in particular?

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        1. re: catwood10

          Then you have Asia Pearl in the 99 Ranch complex - no carts, so-so dimsum from a order sheet, big parking lot(that's full on wkends). In Oakland, Legendary Palace on Franklin/7th - carts, huge array, good dimsum but you have to contend w/the chinatown (lack of) parking scene. There's others, and I'm sure you'll be hearing of them.

          1. re: Sarah

            > Legendary Palace

            Never tried it, but they get points for the audacity of their name. ;-) Does it top the old favorite Jade Villa?

            1. re: Jefferson

              jade villa is not very good anymore. legendary palace and peony are alot better. joy luck is good for a cheap, bang for your buck place.

              1. re: Jefferson

                Jade Villa made the worst dim sum I've ever had. Even the soy sauce was somehow wrong. I had better dim sum in Philadelphia.

              2. re: Sarah

                I like Peony better than Legendary Palace, plus you have parking and much more space between tables there.

                Get the roasted suckling pig there- available only on weekends. Also get the Portugese custard tarts, like Chinese ones but even flakier and served piping hot.

          2. Last time I walked by Jade Villa it was closed (out of business).

            For cheap, try Joy Luck or YoYo (both on 8th street between Harrison and Webster).

            For parking: there is a city-owned lot on 6th street between Broadway and Clay. Usually lots of spaces (under the freeway).

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            1. re: Joel

              I believe it's actually Yo Ho and it's right next door to Joy Luck. We actually had a Chowdown there some time ago and it was pretty good, especially considering they were in a price war with Joy Luck next door :) I like Chef's Wok on Webster in Alameda. It is a block away from East Ocean and based upon our recent report from a certain Chowhound who resides in Alameda, I've been several times and had several good meals. As a plus, it's dining rooms are much larger than East Ocean so the line moves quicker on the busy weekends.

              a sante,

              1. re: Curtis

                My suggestion for Chef's Wok is to try to get a table in the back dining room, as the carts seem to circulate there first. Last time I was there it was late-ish and the number and variety of carts was pretty low, so after a while I just ordered what we didn't see circulating from the check menu and it came out hot and fresh.

                I've never had to wait in line at East Ocean, and I have at Chef's Wok. Maybe check the line situation at each one first before you decide, since they're only a block apart.

              2. re: Joel

                I drive by Jade Villa all the time, and it certainly doesn't look closed. In fact, they've got a big banner advertising $1.88 dim sum plates (the Joy Luck/Yo Ho dim sum price war seems to have gotten to them).

              3. Tin's Tea House in Walnut Creek has the best dim sum I've had east of the bay. It's not exactly in the same neighborhood you're talking about, though.

                1. What about Gourmet Delight, across from D & A (7th & Webster). If you go on a weekend, don't miss the fried bean curd shrimp rolls -- chock full of shrimp wrapped in crispy deep fried thin bean curd sheets. Don't confuse those with the "grease sponges" (mango shrimp rolls).