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Sep 4, 2006 12:05 AM

Buggy Whip > or = to Taylors Steakhouse?

I know Taylors Steakhouse isn't the best steakhouse out there but I will go there at times. Is the Buggy Whip at least equal to Taylors? If not, what are some places to get steak that isnt real expensive?

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  1. The Buggy Whip is NOT equal to Taylors. The Buggy is not particularly good.

    We really like the Tenderloin at Damon's in Glendale for about $23. Comes with salad and twice baked potato. Get it butterflied unless you like a chared steak. Cute Polynesian atmosphere with simple good grub. Full Bar.

    1. buggy whip does not compare to taylors at all! I think you can get a pretty good meal at Taylors. BW is just not that great and it is NOT cheap.

      i'd suggest Dear John's if you want a reasonably priced steak that's good. They have something called the "cajun combo" which has a sausage, filet mignon and three shrimp. it is somewhere around $30 and really delicious. the interior is dated (i like it - very 60s vegas lounge) - but it's cozy and the service is good. it's on Sepulveda and Culver.

      1. i really, really, WANT to like buggy whip.
        it is close to my house and close to the airport. they serve the kind of food that most of my friends like.
        it would be perfect for a meal before or after dropping my friends off at the airport or picking them up at the airport.

        the ambiance of the restaurant is fine.
        the food, though, simply is not good.

        1. We had dinner at Buggy Whip last week and were pleasantly surprised. I had been in the midwest for the last week and couldn't face any more badly done "California cuisine." I didn't taste the steak but the deep fried shrimp platter was really quite tasty and exactly what I wanted. The shrimp were good quality, hand battered, and well cooked. Cocktail sauce was homemade as was the tarter sauce. I could have done without the food coloring in the green goddess dressing but it was lively and fresh. Good martinis as well as a piano bar.

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            We had a similar experience about 2 months ago. Best thing on the menu is the Wild Salmon(if you like Salmon?)

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              OMG, Judi. I'm so sorry for you. Your taste buds must have plumb rattled out on one of those horrific dips on La Tijera. I hope you can receive implants soon so you can enjoy wonderful -- even halfway decent -- food again almost anywhere except the Buggy Whip, which as you know is known to us Grubs as the Burning Horse. Compared to the Horse, Taylor's or Billingsley's is, well, steak Nirvana.

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                I have heard from friends that although the steaks are really lacking the fish dishes are quite qood. No personal experience though.

              2. I also really, really wanted to like the Buggy Whip. Unfortunately, it's both really and not good. For their prices, you might as well go to Ruths Chris and have an actual good steak experience. The ambience is fun, but not worth the expense.

                I'd say if you want a discount steak, Taylor's is the place to go.