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Sep 3, 2006 11:52 PM

Dining near Bangor Airport?

Is there any restaurant near Bangor Airport that you would recommend?

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  1. what kind of food do you like?
    Captain Nicks is very good lobster, excellent roast beef, lobster rolls, and most everything they have is decent.

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    1. re: irwin

      While not as picturesque as eating along the rock-bound coast, the lobster roll at Capt. Nick's is the best I've had in Maine, and I've been all over.

      1. re: irwin

        I like any kind of food (in terms of cuisine). I prefer to have a meal that I either cannot do myself, or would have to spend more time than I have to prepare. What does that mean? I guess that my criteria would include: nothing comes out of a can, nothing was commercially prepared and frozen in advance, it is tasty and healthy, and is fresh.

      2. IMHO the food at Nick's is pedestrian at best..Bangor is not in any way replete with interesting Restaurants..take a Cab to the New Moon Cafe if you want the best food and service in town.

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        1. re: Jimmy

          I really feel New Moon is gone downhill a lot. The owner is not a businessman, and is in the process of opening another restaurant downtown, so he is concentrating on the new one, as the old one is going to hell. The food is not neally as good as it used to be. I think Paul needs to get his mother back... She was a real pain, but really knew how to run a restaurant and make money. For my money, I much prefer THISTLE's. Excellent food, chef/owner in the kitchen, spotless, nice presentation, reasonable prices, large selection, and wonderful owners.

        2. Taste of India downtown (two miles or so from the airport) is great. I always order the palak paneer (along with other various rotating favorites) and it's consistently delicious. New Moon, also downtown, is indeed the best restaurant in this area. Upscale. Last time I went with a friend and we spent $75 on dinner for two (without drinks, with dessert). I had arctic char and it was wonderful. If I had more disposable income I would go more often. Captain Nick's is a family restaurant and is ok, but I always find myself at Nicky's Diner instead, on Union Street by the airport. A greasy-spoon fifties Harley-friendly spot, with beans on the breakfast menu. Basic eats, but I keep going back.

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            For something different, try DYSARTS TRUCK STOP FOR BREAKFAST.