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Sep 3, 2006 11:45 PM

Middle Eastern Catering/Take Out

I'm throwing a casual outdoor party for about 25 in two weeks and am serving middle eastern food -- think grilled kebabs, hummus, grape leaves, pita, etc. To minimize the hassle, I want to pick up some stuff rather than purchase (I'll make my own kebabs--finally have an apartment with a rooftop grill!). I want to serve mostly finger foods. Where do I go? I'm in Manhattan, but Queens, Bklyn, or Manhattan all are fine. By the way, the party will include some serious food lovers, so quality is more important than price (though I realize that the two aren't mutually exclusive).

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sahadi's on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. On the same block is Damaskus bakery for pita and baklava

    If you've not been to Sahadis you owe yourself a trip

    1. Waterfalls also on Atlantic does a lot of catering.

      1. Make it an Atlantic Ave trifecta and on the same block visit Damascus Bakery for delicious mid-eastern pastries and fresh-baked daily pitas. 1st subway stop in Brooklyn is an easy trip.

        1. Have you ever eaten at Kabab Cafe, the beloved Egyptian place on Steinway St? Ali can make large amounts of baba ganoush, foul, and hummus, along with his great artichoke and beet salads (it's debatable about whether the two latter salads are as delicious cold as just out of the pan). The spreads keep beautifully in the refrigerator.

          Ordering from Ali will be more expensive than from Sahadi's or the equivalent, but I think it's worth it (especially for the baba).

          Kabab Cafe
          25-12 Steinway St., Astoria
          (718) 728-9858

          1. I am middle easterner myself. The closest that I have found to real lebanese cuisine in new york is at Sally & Georges in Bay Ridge. Although the damascus bakery is very good, it is pretty much only very good if you are buying bread or bread with cheese and bread with zaatar, which is a a thyme like spice that is spread on bread along with olive oil. If you want fod for a party , I would buy hummous, grape leaves (cold vegetarian version with olive oil) tabulleh, falafel, kibbeh and cheese pies. These dishes were last ordered for a party over a year ago. The food was very good. I also ordered meat pies, but did not like them so much, although the cheese pies were very very good. The cost to feed about 30 people was about 150 dollars and the food was very very good.

            Although Sahadi's is a great market, it is not all middle eastern and their dishes like grape leaves and tabouleh are not very good. I also liked sally and georges restaurant better than those that I have tried on Atlantic avenue. In general. I think you will get better quality middle eastern food in bay ridge than either astoria or atlantic avenue. Good luck ordering and hope the party is a hit.


            Sally & George's
            7809 3rd avenue brooklyn new york
            718 680 4615

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              have you eaten at karam, bebe? how is it these days? when i was in manhattan i used to trek there almost every weekend to grab a chicken shwarma sandwich, motabel, tabbouleh etc.

              it was either that or kervan in fort lee, nj.