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Sep 3, 2006 11:30 PM

south african bubbly

A few years ago I had a South African sparkling wine at the now-defunct wine bar Hayes and Vine, here in San Francisco. It was the one they were pouring by the glass that day and all I noticed of the name was that it included "Stellenbosch," which I'm told is sort of like seeing "Napa" on a California red--it doesn't narrow it down much. It was very dry and yeasty, absolutely delicious, and I've never seen it again--I don't think South African wines have great distribution in the SF Bay Area. Anybody have any thoughts on what I should try that might match that vague memory?

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  1. I have found that almost every SA sparkling wine and desert wine I have tried is exceptional. In those two categores I haven't experienced many duds. Two years ago I spent some time traveling the wine country of SA viditing dozens of vineyards and while many wines were good, many were horrible, except those two types. Just start searching and trying some and see. They tend to be reasonably priced compared to the same quality level from California, France, and Spain; although sometimes difficult to locate.

    1. graham beck's sparklings are excellent, particularly the rose and blanc de blancs...