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Aero Candy bars in Connecticut?

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Where is the best place to buy Aero candy bars in Connecticut if any? They are a European candy not sold in the US. Is there anywhere in CT that imports them and sells them?

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    1. I believe one of the major supermarket chains carries them. I generally shop at either Shaw's, Big Y, or Stop & Shop and I'm reasonably certain I have seen them in the international section at one of those. My first inclination is to say it's Shaw's.

      1. Lee is right - they're in Shaws international food section - at least the ones in East Hartford & Glastonbury.

        1. Thanks guys. I will check Shaws when I get a chance. Also I don't feel safe buying them off ebay from another country etc.

          1. I believe I've seen them at UK Gourmet (I think that's the name) on Rt. 6/Stony Hill Rd. in Newtown, right over the Bethel border.

            1. Also remember that there's a Canadian version of Aero bars that are distinctly different than the European version.

              1. In the New London area, you can get them in Big Y - look in the international foods isle - they have a British foods section.

                1. pretty sure that Stop & Shop has them, in the international aisle, next to the Violet Crumble (my secret vice!).

                  1. I was in the Shop-Rite (Commerce St.)in Stamford today and they had them in the Irish foods section. It was my first time in the store, and they serve the local community with an interesting selection of international foods---particularly Central American, as well as a Polish section. Now if only I had a clue what to do with dried shrimp and the nerve to try one of a dozen different types of canned octopus!

                      1. MacKenzie's in New Canaan has them. They have many European candy bars.

                        1. Is that British shop in the Canondale section of Wilton still open? Cannon Crossing, I think it's called.

                          1. Stop and Shop most definitely has them in their tiny Irish/English foods section. I have seen them in various Stop and Shops all over the state.

                            1. I've seen them in Stop & Shop and Shaw's in the Hartford area (Manchester, Glastonbury & Vernon).

                              1. I just checked when I was at Shaw's on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington yesterday. The Aero bars they carry (2 flavors) are from the UK, not Canada.

                                1. I second shaw's..the one in New Fairield carries two flavors as weel.

                                  1. Anyone know where you can get Aero bars (canadian) in New York State or where I can order a box? Ebay only has single bars for sale. Thanks

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                                      Try Economy Candy in NYC: http://economycandy.com/
                                      they have tons of stuff for sale...pretty cheap too.

                                    2. I can almost always find them in Irish stores such as the Irish Cottage.