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Genesis Buffet Restaurant - Tried It Yet?

I received an advertisement via junkmail that a new buffet restaurant opened up at Victoria Park and Finch that specialized in 'latino bbq' - aka Brazillian bbq. It claimes to also offer chinses, japanese, and italian. It apparently opened on august 25, 2006. Any one been yet?

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  1. Can't find this on yellowpages.ca - do yu have an exact address?

    1. That would be interesting to try. Hopefully it's cheaper than the Brazillian bbq restaurant on Danforth. However, can't find anything on Genesis.

      1. I haven't been yet. But this is what I found out. Address is 3560 Victoria Park and phone number is 416 491 5588. I won't be able to get there until the weekend, so hoping someone will report back to us!

        1. I just got a flyer today in my mail. 10% off until sept 30th.
          Lunch: M-F, 9.99 SS, 11.99
          Dinner: M-F, 15.99 SS, 17.99

          Pictures on their flyer DO NOT look tasty.


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            I received the flyer today too and I have to agree with you, the pictures of the food do not look appealing. I hope that the food tastes better than it looks. I think the flyer also mentioned that it's a free meal on your birthday. It's located on Victoria Park between Finch and Steeles. I hope to see a review posted on this place.

          2. went there. in 10 word or less

            chinese food with a dash of BAR-BQ-UE meat. not great food not bad food just buffet food

            1. ...it's a chinese buffet. Nuff said.

              1. Yes..it's chinese buffet but with south america style cause I heard the owner is from south america. If you are looking for buffet, this would give you more variety than just chinese. They also have lamb steak and beef steak and variety of stuff that you may order and made in front of you. If you have been to Mongolian Rest. You get a bit of that as well!

                Worth a try!
                Genesis Buffet Restaurant
                Address is 3560 Victoria Park and phone number is 416 491 5588.

                Note: you may have to get there earlier to get a good parking spot outside instead of going down the indoor parking which is pretty dark.

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                  Yes, there is a separate grill area where you can get/request Brazilian style BBQ beef, lamb, sausages etc. but my frieds who tried it said the beef wasn't that good. The rest of the buffet spread is pretty blah, nothing really tasty, and closer to the level of Imperial Buffet rather than the better ones like Starwalk. We will not be going back.

                2. Well I gave this a try and like Teep said above, I will not be going back. The Latin BBQ grill does not compare anywhere close to Brazilian BBQ. When I went, all they had on the grill were beef short ribs. I expected more, like sausages and chicken. I found the meat fatty. They had a Teriyaki station of some short, but the toppings looked like they been sitting there for awhile. The pasta/seafood grill station was okay. It was interesting to see a small chocolate fountain, but there was nothing really to dip into it with. The food selection was mediocre. Taste wise, nothing stood out. Yes, typical chinese buffet, but I've had better.

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                    OMG I forgot about the chocolate fountain. It was the most sorry fountain I've seen, with thin chocolate dribbling down which barely stayed on the strawberry I dipped in. Also from where I sat, I saw a 6 yr old kid grabbing handfulls of the mini marshmallows and mashing them back into the bowl. After witnessing that I didn't feel like approaching the fountain again!

                    They did have sausages at the Brazilian BBQ when I was there.

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                      I didn't try the chocolate fountain, but I noticed on other people's plates that the chocolate was not thick at all. Where were the strawberries and marshmallows when I was there? It looked clumpy at the bottom of the fountain...maybe it's the mashed marshmallows? Someone tried the sweet and sour sauce on the chicken balls and commented that it was watery.

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                        The fruits were to the right of the fountain, I think. The kid mashed the marshmallows back into the bowl containing them, not into the fountain. Maybe other people dropped them while dipping.

                  2. I was there for lunch a few weeks ago with 2 friends. The restaurant was clean and the food was good, also the staff were friendly. $10 for a great lunch buffet (and close to the office) It is located on the west side of Victoria Park Ave 3 traffic lights south of Steeles Ave East on the west side. Tempo Avenue runs beside it.

                    1. ive tried the italien stand/order thingy and the food that you can order is very good, especially escargo which personally i Love. i think the buffet is good, and im suprised that there is dimsum at a buffet, i also like the variety of foods they have. The green tea ice cream was also good

                      1. Genesis Excellent food Excellent BBQ with Argentinian tasted made by Mister Juan where is my anokwlodge a master BBQ Cheff Atention excellent . 10 Gold star for this peoples I highly recommended .Note I'm from Argentina I live on Canada for 37 years take my avised eat in this restaurant and I recommended a Trapiche wine seleccion Happy I discovered this restaurnt Thank-you !!! 03/Febrero/2007

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                          I guarantee that the above poster is affiliated with this buffet!
                          I went to Genesis Chinese Buffet last night after reading the above posts, and it was, without any doubt whatsover, THE worst chinese buffet I have ever had the misfortune to visit.
                          You might ask why we went after some of the bad reviews above. Let me say that I'm a big eater and I can enjoy a big pile of chinese buffet food on occasion and I will often excuse the low-buffet-quality to have lots of variety and a big feed.
                          This place was horrifying!
                          My S.O. and I walked the buffet line, and each filled a plate, skipping the "Argetinian Grill" because the guy offering us dried-out sausage and some leathery short ribs just stared at me blankly when I asked him if he had any steak or filet mignon that someone on this board suggested they had.
                          We both sampled every item on our plates and neither of us could find even one item that was acceptable. I'm not looking for amazing, here, just something that I'd call edible.
                          The was a crab claw that was stuffed with something mushy, rolled in cornflake crumbs and deep fried that was almost OK, but everything else was truly inedible.
                          We fidgeted with our food for a bit, then looked at each other and literally burst into laughter it was so bad.
                          Shockingly bad!
                          We asked the waitress to send the manager over and we could tell her that we were going to leave, to which she got aggressive and replied that we should have looked at the buffet before we started filling a plate. OK
                          I explained that the soggy breaded pork in bright red sauce looked just like sweet-and-sour pork, but had somehow become bitter and acrid with a burnt-orangepeel aftertaste.
                          We made our apologies and left.
                          Trust me - do not, for any reason, go to Genesis Buffet!

                        2. its actually argentinian style bbg not brazillizan. brazillians have somthing called churrasqueria different cut of meat.

                          1. I go to Genesis with a group but I would like a better Chinese buffet. Not Mandarin.

                            Any suggestion? We are going for Chinese New Year.


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                              China Buffet King serves special dishes for CNY.

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                                You might want to check out other threads, as the topic of chinese buffet has come up before. But my personal vote for north of the city is Star Walk. There are some items that timid eaters might not eat (i.e chicken feet, salmon sashimi, jelly fish), but that is why I go.