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Sep 3, 2006 10:49 PM

Genesis Buffet Restaurant - Tried It Yet?

I received an advertisement via junkmail that a new buffet restaurant opened up at Victoria Park and Finch that specialized in 'latino bbq' - aka Brazillian bbq. It claimes to also offer chinses, japanese, and italian. It apparently opened on august 25, 2006. Any one been yet?

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  1. Can't find this on - do yu have an exact address?

    1. That would be interesting to try. Hopefully it's cheaper than the Brazillian bbq restaurant on Danforth. However, can't find anything on Genesis.

      1. I haven't been yet. But this is what I found out. Address is 3560 Victoria Park and phone number is 416 491 5588. I won't be able to get there until the weekend, so hoping someone will report back to us!

        1. I just got a flyer today in my mail. 10% off until sept 30th.
          Lunch: M-F, 9.99 SS, 11.99
          Dinner: M-F, 15.99 SS, 17.99

          Pictures on their flyer DO NOT look tasty.

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            I received the flyer today too and I have to agree with you, the pictures of the food do not look appealing. I hope that the food tastes better than it looks. I think the flyer also mentioned that it's a free meal on your birthday. It's located on Victoria Park between Finch and Steeles. I hope to see a review posted on this place.

          2. went there. in 10 word or less

            chinese food with a dash of BAR-BQ-UE meat. not great food not bad food just buffet food