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Sep 3, 2006 10:44 PM

Birthday Dinner - American/French/Seafood

Ok, my mother-in-law and i have the same birthday. we will be in Boston/Nashua for her (and my) birthday and I'd really like it if a family group could get a great and fun meal together.

She likes french/seafood/american (i.e., nothing spicy). I love spicy - but am willing to compromise.

I'd really like to go to somewhere comfortable where we can just have a nice time. Somwhere with no bright light or stuffy waiters! And with tremendous food.

I was thinking Grill-23 - but we've both been there too much for it to be special.

Any tips. We'll be in Nashua - but don't mind traveling to Boston for the night.


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  1. Taking everything into consideration, I'd say...(computing, computing)...

    1. i just had dinner at hammersley's for the first time in about two years, and it was outstanding. night was warm, so we ate on the patio. i had a grilled lobster and sweetbreads entree which was spectacular. and as always, the mushrooms... swoooon.

      1. Could give Great Bay a try...check there site and menu. We loved it and it is birthday worthy.