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Sep 3, 2006 10:14 PM

Montreal - recs please for a favorite menu degustation menu & also for very late dining

I have this Thursday night free and really enjoy long degustation evenings, even solo dining, which this will be. Don't want to break the bank, but I'm not frugal either - prefer 60/80 range, but would go to 120 for the menu, wines additional. I'm thinking of Le Chevre, but a search on the boards brings up very little under degustation for Montreal. Does anyone have other nice suggestions? Thank you.

Also, besides L'Express, which I am crazy about, is there any other good good good bistro place to dine solo after Charles Aznavour's concert, around midnight/1am Friday and/or Saturday?

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  1. Anise offers four very fine (I would even say exquisite) tasting menus, six or nine courses, meat or fish. The six course menus fall within your price range. Even with wine they are less than 120 dollars.

    Also Montee de Lait offers seven course for 70 dollars.

    1. You could try le Continental, which I think personally is better than L'Express. The waiters are a bit on the rude side sometimes, there's only one who is really nice and professional, but the food is really good and not too expensive.

      1. Anise does a great dégustation menu but I like the new formula restaurants that let you create your own degustation menu. The portions are slightly larger than the ones at Anise.
        The 2 that come to mind are La Loïe (René-Lévesque and Panet) and L'Atelier (St-Laurent between Fairmont and St-Viateur).
        The food at L'Atelier is interesting, I would call it evolutive Quebec/French, with a good exploration of ingredients (red rice, exotic mushrooms, different game meats). Three to four dishes with wine will run you around 90$-110$.

        La Loïe is great if you are dinning solo because all wines are offered by the glass at a fifth of the bottle price (no rip off here and ahuge selection) They have recently introduced a degustation menu or you can opt to create your own from their à la carte listing. The food is a modern take on french cuisine with crazy inventions like savoury marshmallow toppings. The dégustation menu and wine will run you up about 85$-100$. Sorry no website for La Loïe... that I know of.

        1. I second La Loïe! I love the relaxed atmosphere of this place and the sommelier is everything but intimidating. A great place to dine alone. I went two weeks ago and sampled the degustation menu, I believe it changes every day depending on arrivals. Everything was succulent and inventive but not in an over the top kind of way, well balanced flavours and a great flight of tastes til the end. Be sure to leave room for desert!
          I went to L'Atelier last week and was a little disapointed by one of my dishes and the service was a little agressive... The last time I had gone it wasn't like that and everything was delicious, maybe just a bad night.

          1. You could also try Raza which has a 5 course or a 7 course degustation.


            I also enjoyed the 5 course degustation at Les Chevres