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Sep 3, 2006 09:45 PM

Bread Bar in Beverly Hills

Went to Bread Bar, really great food. I had the baja and the forester. The potatoes and Bread were really delicious. I recommend going for breakfast.

Also they have good desserts. I got the rhubarb tart. Awesome.

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    1. I went a few months back and had a delish quiche... onion and bacon, I believe. Came with a side salad and a peice of their artisan sourdough.

      It was great, I cleaned up my plate.

      1. Is this the one in Century City on Santa Monica Blvd, or is there a new one in Beverly?

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          The Bread Bar website refers to the one at 8713 W. 3rd St. as Beverly Hills, yet it is in Los Angeles, as is the one in Century City. They have no BH location.

        2. Yeah, technically it's in Los Angeles, but it's just east of that Robertson Corridor Bermuda Triangle where the cities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood are all within a block of each other (it sure makes it a pain to give directions).

          Anyways, I live right in the area and have been very pleased. Although it looks like a sceney place from the outside, I've found the staff very friendly and helpful and they seem to take pride in their bread. Try the emanthal (sp?) cheese bread-- that's my favorite. It comes with a bunch of different sandwiches and salads.