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Sep 3, 2006 09:44 PM

bakery, cheese shop, wine shop in Amsterdam?

Going to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks and have apartment with kitchen. Would like to have goodies. Any suggestions?
Also, restaurant suggestions always all kinds of food , just want it to be interesting and good.

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  1. Here's one good place, but I think you'll find good bakeries all over Amsterdam.

    Bakken met Passie
    Albert Cuypstraat 51-53

    Have at least one good Indonesian meal.. we like Samo Seba near the Rijksmuseum. We had a great lunch one day at the large department store De Bijenkorf - truly a delicious meal.

    1. I have lived in Amsterdam for a year. Great place. Things NOT to miss when eating out! Shoarma. It is a middle eastern dish that you slather a white garlic sause and red chili sauce on. You can order the Shoarma Schotel and it will be one Brodje Shoarma with french fries on a plate. The pita like bread is round and they stuff it with Lamb and red peppers from a large revolving skewer and pan fry it before searving. This is a dish found in what they call a brown cafe. Not fancy but ask where to get the best shoarma and you will get advice.

      Also a FEBO which is Dutch fast food. Literally, you put your money in the machine and open the door and pull out a Croquette or Frickendel. They are always FRESH because they are cooking/selling them constantly. Also, you can go up to the counter at FEBO and order french fries "patat". The dutch order mayo on theirs but whatever you order it will be a huge dollop on top of your fries and you eat it with a mini disposable fork. They like the "patat orlog" that is fries with catsup, mayo, onions and peanut sauce! Truly a dutch only delacacey.

      Lastly Stroop Waffels. At the grocery freshly made by a vendor on the street. I like them warm.

      Have a great trip

      1. A great cheese shop is the kaaskamer on Runstraat #7.
        There's a delicious organic butcher (Slagerij van der Gragt) with organic charcuterie at Elandsgracht 116.

        There's also these really delicious cordials they make/sell in Amsterdam at a distillery called "A.Van Wees."--it's a bit like Dutch eau de vie with tons of flavors and you can go taste it at the distillery. They're on the web at

        Definitely check out the organic market on Sat. morning at the Noorderkerk. Itt's awesome.

        1. You can find a good wine selection at Gall & Gall, they have several locations around the city, including one right next to the Magna Carta shopping mall (the wonderfully ornate old building just behind the royal palace).