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Sep 3, 2006 09:32 PM

Turkish restaurant(s) in Berkeley/East Bay?

I'm a recent transplant from New Haven, Connecticut, where as an undergraduate I fell madly in love with Istanbul Cafe, a little Turkish restaurant that now ranks in my personal top five. Can anyone recommend a good Turkish place in Berkeley or elsewhere in the East Bay, to ease my separation anxiety?


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  1. There is a Turkish restaurant on University Ave in Berkeley...going towards the highway but before San Pablo.

    1. Bosphorus
      1025 University Ave
      Berkeley, CA 94710

      1. I've found the buffet dishes at Bosphorus to be a bit lackluster, but some of the menu items are terrific -- I'm remembering a wonderful smoky pureed eggplant with chunks of grilled lamb.

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        1. re: RodW

          it is no longer named that. it is something like mediterrean cafe. But you are right. it wasn't very good.

          1. re: offalgood

            Has the food improved since the name change?

            1. re: offalgood

              When did they change the name? I could have sworn that when I drove by a week or so ago it was still Bosphorous. The food is awful, IMO (or was, anyway).

          2. With the caveat that I've only had a couple take-out things that appears on a potluck table, I'd have to agree that Bosphorus is about the worst Turkish restaurant in the Bay Area.

            However, Ephesus in Walnut Creek has gotten high marks on the site. Haven't heard much about it lately --- updates?