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Sep 3, 2006 09:31 PM

Mulino's = Major Disappointment in White Plains

Four of us went to Mulino's in White Plains to celebrate
our anniversary. Big mistake!!!
We went on a Wednesday night and we were seated promptly with a
really warm welcome. Small servings of Salami and Cheese were
served and they were fine. Bruchetta was also served which was
just plain bad.
We ordered drinks and dinner. The drinks were passable
but oh that meal! A Caesar Salad was order with anchovies.
Guess what? No anchovies. No pepper was offered for the salads
but was supplied when requested. I ordered "Gnocchi Mulino".
I was served a large portion of Gnocchi swimming in some liquid
of unknown origin? The menu promised chunks of
Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella. Where were they? No cheese was offered for the pasta.
A swordfish special was ok but my ordered "Veal Scaloppine
al Tartufo" was just plain uneatable! A large portion of some
thing that reminded me of School mystery meat was served. The first
forkfull proved distasteful as well as containing grit from
mushrooms which clearly had not been washed or cleaned properly. I thought a serving of mashed potatoes were instant!!! The overall
consensus was that all of the main courses were just bland.
To be perfectly fair a Creme Brulee was excellent as was their
Cheesecake. The decor of Mulino's is quite nice and overall service was ok but not up to a real 5 star establishment.All in all a major disappointment!

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  1. Overrated. Overpriced. Good for an expense account lunch and that's about it.

    For that kind of money you could do a lot better at Trotter's, Vintage or even Sunset Grille.

    Is Laguna on Post Rd. still open (as Eclisse in RB has closed)?

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    1. re: Dim Sum Diva

      i had conceivable the worst meal at laguna a few months ago. we tried it because we thought about having a graduation dinner there and all of the food was bad, frmo the fried calamari appetizers to everything else we had, can't even remember now, even the wine. i do remember thinking that i would never ever go back.

    2. agreed, that place is a tourist trap, go to lias on hartsdale for way better food be it less blingy!!! lololl

      1. I completely agree with your assessment of Molino's. Don't really know what the big whup is about the place. Went once and never went back.

        1. We went to Trotter's four months ago and will never go back, Overpriced and practically inedible. The fish was positively leathery, which I could dismiss as a mistake but three of us ordered it and they were all massively overcooked. We would have sent it back, but we were already waiting 45 minutes since we finished the appetizers. Not a big deal except for the price they charged.

          1. I have heard throughthe grapevine that Mulino's is changing chef's. I am not allowed to say who it will be though. As far as overcooked fish. They were all probably cooked in the same pan at the same time. Unfortunately things do get over cooked sometimes, if you had said something to the waiter the question now comes into play of how was it handled